Thursday, 6 March 2014

Shrove Gerbil Tuesday

Damn. I should have either done this post on this Tuesday when it was actually Shrove Tuesday or I should have waited until next year and posted them just before Shrove Tuesday.

But there is no way I'm sitting on these photos for a year. No way.

In fact I haven't because I totally already put them on Twitter.

But I'll tell the story behind them anyway.

The gerbils have a little routine now where they wake up and come to the first floor and stand right in front of the door. We call it the Seed Door as we have clearly trained them that if they come up to the door and look cute we will go over, open it and give them a pumpkin seed.

So it looks a little something like this...

So we're sat eating our pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and there the boys are, looking super cute at the Seed Door.

And then the best idea I've ever had came into my head.


Gerbils are allowed little tiny treats as long as they are in moderation. They can eat most things but it's really hard to get around your head how small gerbils are until you give them something like a blueberry.

Blueberries are small aren't they? I'd read that gerbils like blueberries and I picked one out of a punnet and handed one to a gerbil. Once the gerbil takes the blueberry out of your hands it instantly looks like the biggest piece of fruit ever, it's like you or I standing with a watermelon in our hands. It's brilliant.

We also added half a slice of banana and a little gerbil chocolate drop to the top of the pancakes. Important note - gerbils should not eat normal human chocolate. It's bad for their little gerbil tummies. But you can buy special little furry people chocolate drops which they can have.

I knew that we wouldn't have long to get the shot of the gerbils tasting their pancakes so I was at the ready to take the picture.

What I was not expecting is that I would only get one photo which is of Tyrion Lannister absolutely whipping the pancake away from us and running off in to the gerbilarium with it.

He whipped it away so fast that he left the toppings behind and Ser Jorah Mormont contented himself with his first taste of banana.

See! Look at the size of that piece of banana - that is half of a tiny slice of banana and look at it in his little gerbil paws!

After Tyrion ate most of the pancake to himself I decided that one pancake was probably enough for two little gerbils and that is when I invented a new thing...


You are welcome.


  1. They are so cute! Pancake canapes sound like the future of catering, I do thank you!

  2. I now have a vision of Tyrion Lannister dressed as a magician (top hat, cape) doing that trick where they pull a tablecloth out from under a full dinner service...

  3. You SO need to have kids ;~)

  4. I have no words to describe how much I love this post.

  5. These are the best photos I have seen in a long time, thank you for cheering me up after a rubbish week!

    Maria xxx

  6. Hee hee you do make me laugh. You know, for a minute when you said gerbil pancakes I was a little worried! x

  7. So cute! Gerbils are so cute. I really want some rats. Argh! I want some small fluffy rodent.

    Are you on bloglovin? I really like your blog and would like to follow it there. Please either tweet me @teainthetub or leave a comment somewhere on my blog about this as I don't get notified of responses to my comments :(


  8. Oh my word, how lovely you are! The photos of those little critters enjoying their tucker lunch made me smile...
    SooooOOooo cute!
    Bye, Jay x

  9. Oh my word how cute! Those little critters tucking into their pancake snack... Loved it!
    Bye, Jay x


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