Monday, 15 December 2014


Probably the worst thing about being single are the weekends. During the week everything is pretty fine, I work probably a little later than I should so I don't spend a lot of time alone, but when I come home, I enjoy the time I have to myself.

Weekends are sucky. Weekends are when people in couples are enjoying the weekend being a couple. Saturday mornings break and I still stifle an internal sigh at the thought of two whole days of my own company stretching out before me.

I went to a lot of effort to book in things for the weekends after the break up, and finding myself in London for work on a Friday, I took the opportunity to pop over to Bristol for the weekend to see an old friend.

After being waved off by Paddington at none other than London Paddington Station I plonked my very hungover body down on the train and headed to hitherto uncharted territory.

A word to the un-initiated - Bristol on a hangover isn't the most fun ever. There are a lot of hills in that place. Hills and I do not get on and I was blissfully unaware of what was in store for me. Add to this the fact that my friend appeared determined to make me see every single sight possible in the remaining time we had left before the light disappeared.

Red wine hangover + hills = not a great tourist.

Tourist attractions visited included Cabot Tower - verdict: The spiral staircase might just kill you but the views once you get to the top really are worth it.

...And the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Verdict: Not as big as the Humber Bridge. Sorry. My expectations are high when it comes to suspension bridges. Although it does win points for being a damn sight older than the Humber Bridge.

...And The Downs. Verdict: Well worth a visit for the views over the Avon Gorge. Also an unnatural number of joggers/runners were there. I'm guessing because it's the only place that isn't on a flipping hill. It almost, almost made me want to start running again.

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting various drinking establishments - so many that I couldn't even begin to list or remember them.

All in all - a good introduction to Bristol. The company was....well, let's just say my judgement when it comes to certain people in my life is still seriously I'm keen to re-visit again and maybe meet up with some people that I know are genuinely good people - Hayles? Kate? Jen?


  1. Bristol is one of those places I keep meaning to visit but haven't yet got around to. Sorry that the company could have been better (?) and if you ever want weekend plans I'm always happy to oblige! x

  2. Haha glad to see i'm not the only one to compares bridges to that of the Humber Bridge (I did the same with the Mackinac Bridge here in Michigan).

  3. Yay Brizzle! Glad you liked it, it's sucky about the company. Yes, I'd love to meet up! Holla at me next time you're coming, or would like to! :D

    Oh and I'm not a fan of all the hills either. Living south of the river means less hillage.

  4. I do love Bristol but haven't visited for ages, I definitely need to book in a trip!

    Maria xxx

  5. We do have some hills, as I have been reminded by my recent return to cycling. My favourite things are walking around the harbour (flat), going to the zoo (at the top of Clifton but the zoo itself is flat) and all the awesome live music (basically every pub that isn't a chain, even if only five people fit inside).


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