Monday, 23 February 2015

Photo an Hour l 21st February

I should have been in Manchester this weekend, after my last weekend was cancelled. This weekend got cancelled as well. Need to cut these flaky people out of my life really don't I?

Anyway. No plans. Nothing happening. Yet another Photo an Hour date came round and I had a day of nothingness ahead of me. These Photo an Hour posts that I'm taking part in seem to serve the purpose of highlighting how crap my life is...

This was Saturday 21st February...

9am Slow start to the day as it was a late night the day before. Got up and made myself a cup of tea and retreated back to my lair to watch Goldfrapp videos on You Tube. For absolutely no reason.

10am It's not a weekend unless bacon is involved somewhere, at some point. This might be the finest bacon sandwich I've ever made myself, I got the perfect crispiness.

11am Decided to get up and get dressed but was faced with the everlasting problem of a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. My plan was to head straight out but got waylaid by a lengthy phone call with my Mum and the weather going absolutely batshit crazy - hailing with blue skies? What?

12pm Suddenly remembered that I needed to send off a package to a friend. I finally managed to crochet one hundred hearts for my friend's wedding and needed to send them off to her. Made use of my washi tape stash - everyone loves pretty post, right?

1pm Finally made it into town and to the Farmer's Market which takes place just beside the ruins of the castle. Thankfully the weather seemed to have calmed down and I did a big race around, ticking off everything that I wanted to get done in record time.

2pm Back home and noticed the rather lovely shadow being cast in my bedroom

3pm Turns out one of my headlights has gone out so I ventured out to Halfords to buy a bulb and get it fitted. Yeah you can fit them yourself but for the stress of it I'd rather just pay £7 and get it sorted thanks. Also, trying to take a surreptitious photo of someone fitting your new headlight is really hard.

4pm Time for a cup of tea and crochet time. Already got another couple of things waiting on my order book so time to get knuckled down. Care to venture a guess as to what it's going to be?

5pm More tea needed. This time accompanied by a beast of a doughnut that I bought earlier in the day at the Farmer's Market.

6pm Went to my sister's for dinner which means lots of time with my favourites - Rosie was in the middle of taking all her toys out of her toybox and sitting down surrounded by them.

7pm Whenever Blinky behaves like a normal cat it freaks us all out a little bit. Nobody really knew what to do when she jumped up on my sister's chair at the dining table - and certainly nobody wanted to risk moving her, you can never be sure when she will strike...

8pm TV watching with my bestie, Rowan. I actually think that if I could take Rowan home with me all the time then I wouldn't miss having a man in the house at all - I'd just hug her all night and it would be brilliant.

9pm On the way back home I figured it was essential to go to the 24 hour Tesco and stock up on crisps and booze for the rest of the evening. Late night shopping is my all time favourite - it's so empty you feel like you're doing something you shouldn't be doing.

10pm 30 Rock time. It arrived this week and I've been dying to watch it, perfect Saturday night TV.

11pm Still there, watching 30 Rock. Where I remained until much much later on. I think I watched eight episodes in a row which may be considered overkill by some people.


So I don't know, I'm torn between thinking "Hey I did do some stuff, even though I had nothing really planned" and thinking "Well. This highlights how empty my life is doesn't it?"

Only time will tell...

Thanks as always to Jane and Louisa for hosting. Check in with them for March's Photo an Hour date and don't forget to join in on Twitter and Instagram using #PhotoAnHour


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  1. aaaw Rowan does look like good company. Right, ditch the flakes get girl gang of bloggers together and come and drive down for a weekend in Wales.

  2. Well, I totally failed with this. Mostly because I spent most of Saturday helping to organise a kids' party for my friend's little boy and I didn't think it was a good idea to be taking sneaky photos of people's children for my blog. I sat down yesterday and accidentally fell asleep, so I did very little yesterday either. I was annoyed with myself, but I guess I needed it.

  3. My number one advice to anyone making plans with someone who lives alone is: Don't cancel them, or you're a total douche (unless you have a limb hanging off or a parent in hospital or something, I'll accept that). I really liked living alone but when your one plan for a weekend falls through it is SO depressing. People who are all happily coupled up, or who have never lived alone, totally don't get that.

  4. I love making a perfect version of my favourite foods, it's supremely satisfying :) also I used to go to Tesco after I finished a back shift at 11pm and it was amazing. No bread or reduced stuff, but kinda worth it in exchange for peace at the tills :)

  5. Urgh sucks about your plans falling through. What a setting for a farmers market though! Wow indeed and you well deserved that doughnut! Bacon occurred in my Saturday too, I do enjoy a good bacon sarnie.

  6. Yay thanks for taking part! I'm definitely going to go with the 'did do some stuff' line, because well, you did. And anyway, if nothing else you did get that epic doughnut which looks pretty amazing. Saturday 21st March is the next photo an hour date if you fancy it! :-) xx

  7. A weekend that features animals, box sets, bacon, ruins, doughnuts and family sounds pretty good to me, but hellfire and damnation on those who cancelled you!


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