Monday, 2 March 2015

The Weekend in (not real) Verbs


Lots of debating happened over #TheDress - pretty much anyone I've come across since Friday has asked me this question. I am well in the gold and white camp. It doesn't change colour for me like it seems to for others, my jaw actually dropped open when I saw a picture of the actual dress. A friend who sees blue and black said to me that she wished she could take out her eyes so that I could see what she sees. As a less violent offering I can show you this photo - these are the colours that I see the dress...

Dog Petting

I went to visit Mum's friend to help her learn how to use her Smartphone. It was every bit as painful as it sounds. But the upside is that I got to see Ozzie with his floppy ear, whom I love very much.


Not just any kind of shopping but my particularly favourite kind of shopping. The kind that involves you not actually spending any money. I have some vouchers from Christmas and I ran round Matalan like a whirling dervish trying to pick up as many things as possible. Including this bedding which I came home and put on my bed immediately; a testament to how much I love it because I really hate making the bed.


I had an urge to go to the sea whilst I was vaguely near it. Living in the Midlands is nice for access reasons, lots of things aren't too far away, unless you want to get to the sea. Then the sea is far. Very very very very far.

So Mum and I headed to Hornsea for the most typical English visit to the seaside ever in that we ate fish & chips, bundled up against the howling wind and looking at very ominous grey skies.

In other words, it was brilliant.

Fred and Lily-ing

You didn't think I'd forgotten about them did you? Obviously not. Fred and Lily were in true crazy Fred and Lily mode. Just look at the photo of Lily's completely manic face at the prospect of being in the vicinity of crisps and dip. And Fred has a fun new trick - jumping on top of the door and then trying to get you as you walk past into the kitchen.

When they are not being totally mad, they are still mostly fond of relaxing, something which Lily is particularly good at doing...


  1. It's the North Sea, the North Sea! I hope it was as murky and cold as always?! And those chips, thick chips, i'm green with envy!

  2. I LOVE the cats! Your seaside adventure looks amazing- there's nothing better than fish and chips at the sea front.
    P.S. Def in the blue/black camp here.

  3. Ozzie - love. Fred and Lily - love! Even without everything else they would've made for a great weekend.
    I now have a hankering for the sea and salty chips.

  4. I was a white and gold=er too! Looks like a lovely way to spend the weekend, I love being by the sea, whatever the weather :)

    Maria xxx

  5. I saw the dress in both colours! It didn't change before my very eyes but the same picture, which I'd left open in my Twitter app, was different a few hours later. Even after hearing the science behind it on the One Show I couldn't make myself see it in the other colour combo and it really frustrated me (as you can probably tell since I've talked At Length and it was over a week ago now.

    Also, good seasiding - you don't get hypothermia then there's something amiss.

  6. I love Fred and Lily! They are so cute!!! And your gerbs! And I loved the Tinder post! I wish I had more time to write and read but I have to go to work...I don't seem to be making good use of my hours of the day these days! They disappear too readily!! :( Anyway glad to see you are still blogging! xxx


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