Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Discovering Instagram...

I do enjoy being extraordinarily late to a party you know.

For years and years I have resisted the lure of the iPhone. Mainly because I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't find Apple technology intuitive to use at all, and also because there was a little bit of the twat in me who wanted to be a bit different.

I caved.

When it came to upgrading I didn't like any of the Android offerings so I decided to take the plunge. I still don't find the technology intuitive but the good thing is that in this day and age you're never more than 2 foot away from someone who can show you how to use an iPhone.

One of the first things downloaded on to my phone?


I've had a Windows Phone for 2 years and I have been one of their biggest supporters for a really long time. Or I've tried to be. But the total lack of access to Apps was just slowly killing me. And especially killing me was the fact that I couldn't get on Instagram - I was stood with my nose pressed up against the glass watching everyone else have fun with their selfies and their filters whilst I stood out in the cold.

The forward facing camera is also a new revelation in my life. My old phone didn't have one, selfies were either an impossibility or an extreme pain in the backside involving a lot of guess work and a steady hand. I always thought I wasn't really a selfie person but the sheer number of photos of my face in the below collage seems to indicate that I was just looking for the right means...

1: My first Instagram photo. A family portrait of me and the gerbils. Thank goodness for the forward facing camera or this photo would have been too difficult to capture.

2: Telecons that go on for 2 hours should be banned

3: But tea and knock-off jelly beans can make everything feel better

4: Me and my bestie, Rowan. I love that face so much, I can't believe she is 9 already

5: Some people are culture vultures, I just have culture gerbils. Here is Tyrion Lannister catching up on some reading. (Yes he did later start to eat the book)

6: My first food photo on Instagram. A killer bacon sandwich with spare sausage to help chase away a Saturday hangover.

7: I've been crocheting - what's it going to be, and more importantly, who is it for? All will be revealed.

8: I got my paintbrushes out and started making over a pretty boring side table. And nearly killed myself with paint fumes in the meantime. Why is DIY never straightforward for me?

9: I am determined to get myself back into running. I am. It has been a bit faltering this year but I took myself  out after work for a little 3km stumble and it wasn't all bad. Did I run the whole thing? No I didn't. Do I care? No, for the first time ever I genuinely don't. This revelation needed to be recorded.


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  1. GERBILS! Ahem- I thought of you this morning when playing with the new bit of the Helly Hansen App- it's free, and obviously geared around their products, but this season, you log your runs (bit like using strava) and for every run or set distance it opens up new colours, patterns and effects for designing your own pair of running tights. Weirdly addictive....

    (the above sounds like a blatant, promo, it's not)

    Also on a running note- if there's spaces left, do you fancy doing the Nike Womens 10km with me in June (21st, a Sunday). It's near my old flat, and you'd be welcome to stay before/after if you fancy it?

  2. Just added you! I like pet photographs, they make me happy, I share my fur balls on mine, although not too much because it'll give one of them, Ed too much of an ego which is big enough already!

  3. Just followed you, I joined the iphone and instagram gang last Monday after upgrading my old samsung!

  4. Already following and loving the gerbils!

  5. So exciting to see you on Instagram, I love all of the pictures of the gerbils!

    Maria xxx

  6. I still don't have an iphone. I do have Instagram though and am looking forward to seeing lots of gerbil pics! xx


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