Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Photo an Hour l 21st March

06.35 : Up frightfully early for a weekend because I was about to embark on a huge journey. Not before fuelling up with Marmite on toast & a cup of tea though.

07.20 : In the car and ready to drive down the M5 to Somerset to visit my Dad. The prospect of a 3.5 hour trip down there was not making me feel excited.

09.25 : No photo for 8am as driving (safety first everyone!) But I did have a stop off at the Services after hitting a stressful diversion on the M5 which was closed for 4 junctions due to a lorry overturning and spilling about 600 litres of fuel all over the place.

11.10 : Destination reached! Hurrah! Cup of tea for the weary traveller.

12.30 : Oh no I'm back in a car again! But luckily not driving this time. Instead we were headed for an adventure...

13.30 : To the sea!! I love the sea! Technically not the sea, but the English Channel. And a stroll along the beach at Burton Bradstock. It was beautiful and there will obviously be a separate blog post devoted to it where I will spam your face with pictures of it.

14.30 : Some people go to the beach and have fish & chips - I do it in style baby. Messy style, but style nonetheless.

15.40 : Back at home and Shadow is not a happy girl. She did not enjoy the water and did not enjoy the sand. It's safe to say she's not a beach fan.

16.30 : Sat down to do a spot of crocheting, obviously there's something new on my hook...

17.30 : Dedication people. I will get back into running, I will. And so determined was I that I brought my stuff with me to go for a run at my Dad's. Not one of my best decisions, Crewkerne is absolutely littered with hills. They are everywhere. And because I was just aimlessly running I didn't know where I was going and I swear at one point I thought I had devised a route which only contained uphill streets and I was never going to make it back down again. Still. Felt smug at the end of it though.

18.30 : Back crocheting and admiring my awesome stitch markers.

19.40 : It's starting to take shape - but can you tell what it is yet?!

20.15 : Late dinner of breakfast. Obviously.

21.20 : What? More crochet? Oh go on then.

22.30 : BED. Too much adventuring for one girl to take.


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  1. All the food - nom! I love the look of your posh fish n chips and what a lovely sky at the beach. I miss the sea, I didn't think it was possible to miss the gloomy North Sea but I do!

  2. What a great day!!! I'm sure you will get back into running :) I really need to get back on it, less than 6 weeks to the Manchester 10k!

  3. A 6.30 start on a Saturday? Poor you. Looks like a great day once you got down to Somerset though.

  4. Haha poor Shadow, I've never met a dog who didn't like the beach before! Yay you for all the driving though, at least it was worth it! :)

  5. Yay, thanks for taking part! A 6.30am start sounds pretty brutal but hopefully the beach and chips made up for it - was that from the Hive café? I've seen a couple of other bloggers mention that place and it sounds pretty tasty indeed. xx

  6. That is early for a Saturday but this looks like so much fun!

    Maria xxx

  7. Looks like a gorgeous day! The Channel is still 'the sea', no??


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