Monday, 28 June 2010

The new ladies in my life.

And so things have changed somewhat in my life.

I have moved out of the flat I shared with the boyfriend and am now sharing a house with a friend.

It's been difficult.

There have been times when I could have cried, when I would stop and really think about what I'd done and the changes I'd made. But I know that I've made the right decision.

Still, even though you've made the right decision it doesn't mean it's not hard. I have felt almost permanently guilty over the past few weeks, guilty for the pain inflicted on other people, guilty if I found myself enjoying life, guilty if I felt a little self-pitiful. After all I'd made the decision, I didn't have a right to be upset about things.

But I've got through it eventually. For the most part anyway.

And how could I not get through it when you consider that not only am I sharing this house with a friend, but also with 2 rather special ladies...

Meet Maggie and Maud.

Maggie. She is the original basement kitteh (for those of you that go on And if you don't, why the hell not?!). She's a little grumpy face and she yabbers away at you in a most disgruntled fashion but she's nowhere near as scary as she looks, it's all a front. She doesn't really go out of the house too much, and if she does she doesn't go far, she'll join you in the garden just to see what you're doing. But really she just wants you to sit on the sofa so she can sit next to you.
Maud. The uber beautiful feline. And teeny tiny. She's a delicate little number, I've decided to call her Kate Moss because she's like a model kitty. Love love loves the outdoors and can mostly be found yelling at me to open the door for her to go out and have a little wander. She'll come out and join you in the garden, dropping down in next door's garden (currently unoccupied) and then yowling at you to come and join her on the other side. Maggie does not like the Maud - most likely jealous of her looks and figure.

But these are just the ladies that live here with me. It turns out that where I'm living at the moment is a haven for the cats. And we all know how I feel about cats. (Don't you?!) I have set to work immediately trying to befriend all and every cat that passes my way. There are 2 in particular that hang about the garden that I have made friends with, we have named them Eddie von Grumpy Face and Professor McTufty, haven't got photos of them yet but we're not far off, our relationship is developing as we speak.

Life is starting to look good.


  1. Aw, they're so cute!!! :)

  2. Wishing you all the best at your new blog :)

  3. Big hello to you and your new blog - love the summery background. and hello Maggie and Maud! They're both beautiful. Hope you're settling nicely into your new home, both on and offline.

  4. Although you may have felt guilty it is your life and if it wasn't right it wasn't right, it doesn't have to be anyone's fault. Life is too short to waste. Look forward to hearing about your new place.

  5. Hi very pleased that you showed us the way to your new blog. Looking forward to hearing all about your new life wit the girls

  6. Look at you with all your new friends :) Cute cats. I don't think my new friend would like them much though, I seem to have acquired a very tame blackbird. So tame infact that he even hopped into the house this morning to help himself to the dogs food. LOL

    You are allowed to have your feelings, be they good or bad. You are a caring human being. (((hugs)))

  7. Happy new blog!
    Happy new home!
    and aaah those cats are sooo cute!
    I hope everything works out good for you from now on in all these exciting new aspects of your life.
    Em xxx

  8. Fantastish!!! Brilliant, I'm so happy for you!! Things seem to have worked out ok in the end, so very very cool indeed!

  9. Aww! I like the name of your blog :)

  10. You've been honest with yourself and your ex. Yes, it will be hard, but you've taken your first steps and are now on your way to a happier you.
    I know this new blog will be as successful as your last, if not, more so.
    Big hello to your new housemates.
    Jill x

  11. "It's just me, essentially"

    Wise words if ever I heard them ;)

    Have fun with new blogtimes, I'll be lurking with the occasional inconsequential comment, as ever :D

  12. Good luck with your new home and blog. It's always nice to share life with cats, especially the chatty ones.

  13. Here I am!!!! I'm following you! Love the new pals, but slightly worried you might slip into the "lady with cats". xxxxxxxx

  14. welcome to your new space!!Those cats are beautiful! x

  15. Welcome back hun. I like the name of your new blog. A new fresh start, how exciting it's going to be for you. Just think you have the rest of your life ahead of you cool is that. Sue x

  16. Congratulations on the new blog, flat, cats! You've fair been through the mill this year - it's good to see you getting on track, no matter how difficult it is. I hope you'll be happy in your new home!

  17. Congrats on all things new! It's a fresh start on everything.

    I don't generally like cats but those are kinda cute. :)

  18. Congratulations to you on making a big decision. I do hope you will be very happy! x


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