Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Welcome distraction

Sometimes at a time like this you need to take a step back.

I’ve been ridiculously wrapped up in myself lately, my problems, my troubles, my feelings, how I’m being horrible to people, how I’m not a nice enough person etc etc.

I needed to stop thinking about myself. It’s most certainly not healthy. I needed a diversion.

And I found a brilliant one.

I heard about SIBOL through Domestic Doris and knew that this was something I could get behind.

Basically Mrs Twins (also known as Sue) collects crocheted and knitted squares from lovely people all over the world and makes them up into blankets to give to charities and care homes. There are many times that I’m blown away by how kind and generous people are and this was one of those times. Where do these people come from? How are they so good? How do I get to be like that?

She accepts any kind of crocheted square as long as it’s 6” x 6”, although there are some themed blankets that you can contribute to. I wanted to join in but was more than a little intimidated, some of these squares that people send in are uber fancy. The kind of fancy that makes my head hurt a little bit. I wasn’t sure if my bog standard granny squares would be enough. A couple of quick e-mails later and I was assured I could send in my offering, even if it wasn’t amazingly intricate.

I set to work immediately, mainly in an effort to keep the demons at bay but also because I thought it would be good to do something for someone else. Yeah, ok, I was attempting to ease my conscience.

And so today I sent off my offerings to Sue. I decided to contribute to the blue and white squares blanket (they’re probably going to just miss the 30th June deadline, sorry Sue!) and also threw in a square for the ‘Male square’ blanket. Those men might not want a pretty pastel number so Sue has asked for squares in a darker shade, I thought this baby was pretty manly, what do you think?!

So I would like to thank Sue. Thank you first of all for being the rather marvellous person that you are and devoting your own time and energy to a project like this and secondly for providing me with a welcome distraction during this period. You can be sure to get more squares from me as the time passes – especially something for those Christmas blankets I see you’re working on!

And if you would like to contribute to a worthwhile cause, (especially if you want to do something that will make you feel like less of massive bitch for breaking someone’s heart) then pop over to SIBOL and e-mail Sue who will be more than willing to tell you anything I’ve missed out.


  1. If only I could crochet, I'd be joining in with this very worthwhile cause, but as you saw my efforts earlier today, I'm useless at it.
    I'll keep trying though because one day it might all just click into place.
    Yours look pretty darn fine to me. I wouldn't know where to start.

    PS - stop beating yourself up.

  2. What a lovely idea :) Sadly my attempts at crochet never made it past wonky strips...

  3. Hey, no guilt needed. A relationship consists of two people, and sometimes there's just no compatibility - that's noone's fault, as sad as it is. Just that you realised it first. Stop those thoughts!
    Your crochet, however - long may it continue! So lovely and neat, what a great cause.

  4. Welcome to your new home! Hope you're ok. Your squares for SIBOL are fab - well done you!


  5. Stop feeling so guilty...I stuck out a relationship because I was scared of ending it even though I knew We were both unhappy , so bloody good on ya for taking that huge step towards the rest of your life!! (think I've just had what my kids call one of my Beyonce moments...y'know all independent woman and such like).
    Anyway all I really wanted to say was...your squares are super and I'll check that project out myself later.
    Em xxxx

  6. Wow! I've just popped over because I saw your comment on SIBOL. I am so...touched by your kindness. Your sweet words about my cause have so made my day. I really want to thank you so...much!
    Of course anyone can join in. I do accept Knitted Squares. I'm sure Ladies who don't crochet, may knit!
    I just love your Squares they're beautiful, why were you worrying? Aren't they gorgeous Ladies
    The write up about SIBOL is just so lovely, OOh I'm off to Tesco now in such a happy frame of mind, makes it all so worthwhile when I get such warm feedback. The photos you have taken are just so brilliant too. I'm so excited now and I look forward to your Squares!

    Thanks so...much!
    I love your blog. I've signed up as a Follower if I may and hope to chat so soon.
    Hugs :)1

  7. Your squares are great, I don't know what you're worrying about.

  8. Really pleased to see your new site. Don't feel bad, you are going through normal reactions - it will get better. I too wish I could crochet but I can't keep the edges straight and get very confused with the patterns. Keep up the good work. Best wishes from Gemma (Coventry)

  9. Thanks for the heads-up on your new blog, good for you for doing it!
    Doing something for someone else is always the best way to make you feel better about yourself. Selfish unselfishness. Crazy!

  10. What a wonderful and very thoughtful idea...
    Another great reason why I must learn how to crochet and knit.
    Your squares are very pretty!



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