Wednesday, 4 May 2011

April Photo Scavenger Hunt

Yet another post that's a couple of days late, let's all pretend this is the end of April 'kay?

I failed yet again to get all the photos for this month. But only missed out on two so I'm getting better! God I'm the worst photo scavenger ever.

April shower - You know I actually had a picture all sorted for this? On my birthday there was a real life April shower, it absolutely threw it down and I took a lovely picture of a rainy street with my umbrella in it, but then along came the stitch-a-long with Feeling Stitchy and guess what? It was only called 'April Shower' so I guess it was meant to be.

Something Yellow - I know it should be a picture of fluffy little Easter chicks but instead I went for these lemon cupcakes that I made for a colleague's birthday. This was also the first time that I used the piping bag that Dorothy got me for my birthday. You'll have to excuse the kind of wankness of the icing but I was teaching myself at 10.30pm after a day at work followed by spinning and bodypump and wasn't in the best frame of mind.

A church - This is Holy Trinity Church. Believe it or not, this bad boy is in the city centre of Hull. It's tucked away, and you probably would only come across it by accident, but that's what makes it special. It's very beautiful in that grand old way churches can be - I've been here for all sorts, a wedding, a christening and I've even sung and played the viola in here when I was at school.

A sculpture - This caused me much headache and much debate over the question - what is the difference between a sculpture and a statue? In my head a statue is of a real person whereas a sculpture is more representative of something. This bad boy is in the peace garden in Queen's Gardens. He used to be surrounded by big spikey things because he was representative of political prisoners but these got removed at some point, I've no idea why, I hate to blame H&S but I've a feeling that might be the cause. When I was a wee thing I used to beg my Dad to take me to see this guy but would also be terrified of him at the same time.

A set of keys - These are the bad boys I cart around with me on a daily basis. I don't live in a bank vault, I just seem to go through a lot of doors. There's three for work, 4 for my Mum's and just one measly little one for home. And another key has just joined the party in the form of some keys for Dad's where I'm gong to be house-sitting for the next few months.

Your camera - This is my little bad boy. He feels intimidated by the big beasty 'proper' cameras that everyone else has but he's holding his own and taking photos every day. I would love a big camera but this guy can be slung in my bag and travel everywhere with me.

And he has a cool little screen so you can take photos of yourself and know that you haven't cut your head off.

Eggs - These bad boys were all ready and lined up for some serious baking action for my Royal Wedding tea party. I used over a dozen of the buggers.

Breakfast - Crumpets! A treat. Normally my breakfast is weetabix but hey I was on holiday, so I went mental.

An interesting shop name - This is my very local yarn shop and pretty much the only yarn shop in Hull. It's just round the corner from me and sometimes I go in there just to look at the lovely stuff.

Something to do with St George - Okay okay so I know that it should be a St George's cross rather than the Union Jack but, hey, that makes up part of the Union Jack so it can still count right? You've got to cut me some slack, there were no dragons around and a lack of St George pubs!

So I'm two short, I failed to get a picture of a cross and something to do with Shakespeare. Sorry. Forgive me?

And I've seen the list for next month...cripes. I don't think I'll be making all of those either. And the first one on the list is my biggest fear - how to get around that one?!


  1. Well done! I was very impressed with those gorgeous cupcakes! x

  2. but but but ... your cake has two crosses on it!

  3. Your photos are fab. I'm with you on the neat camera. We have a big job (currently stolen by son) but I really much prefer the compact one I use for all the bloggy pics. thank you for your comments on a bug's eye view. xx

  4. Oh my god, I loathe and detest Blogger sometimes. Stupid computer crashing, comment eating thing. Gargh!

    I take quite a few of the scavenger hunt pics with my phone camera. The big camera is all well and good but it's not ideal to lug around all the time. I think I need a minion to carry it for me.

  5. What a cute April showers and the cake for St. George looks scrummy.

  6. A good selection of pics! The icing on your cupcakes looks good, they look yummy :)

  7. Well done. I don't think it matters if you miss one or two.

  8. My camera is a compact too. I've never had a bigger one.

    I like the sculpture very much.

    Was there no cross anywhere on the outside of the churtch?

  9. Great photos!

    I've done well all year but last month I only just got them all in time and the list for May is a bit worrying!

    I have a list of scavengers on my blog (a link just below the blog header) – I will add you to it then I can come and see your photos for May! Good luck :)

  10. just joined this month and loving all the pictures, your cake looks really fab xx

  11. fabulous photos. Strange about the railings being taken away - here they decided to fence off the Christmas tree on the village green - it looked awful !


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