Friday, 6 May 2011

Crazy Cat Lady Part 9 - The Striped Avenger

Round where I live there is a bit of a problem on the streets. It's kind of gross and horrible and you need to keep your wits about you when you're coming round for a cup of tea.

And when I say "wits about you", I mean keep your eyes peeled (not easy when it's dark, especially as there aren't any streetlights down our part of the street) and your feet nimble.

When people come for the first time they tut and shake their heads and say "Some people are awful. Why can't they pick up after their dogs?"

At this point we have to explain to people that the mess on the streets isn't the result of irresponsible dog owners, but is actually cat poo.

For reals.

I know it's hard to believe but it's true. And it's prolific. It's bountiful. Basically, there's a lot of it. And as soon as someone cleans it up, it reappears. For a long time Dorothy and I were unable to work out who the culprit was because it's at a cat metropolis around here, with cats coming at you from all sides and all angles.

But eventually the responsible party was caught red-handed.


The Striped Avenger!

Don't be fooled by her beautiful little face. (So beautiful that I've mistaken these photos for Maud a couple of times until I've seen the collar.) And definitely don't be fooled by her loving personality, as she winds herself around your legs and mews at you to stroke her. This is a poo monster.

She's not exactly light on her feet. She's most definitely a plus sized model. There was a rather hilarious moment during this photo-shoot when she aimed for a graceful leap on to next door's wall, only to not quite make it and instead dangle off the end of the post, her claws scrabbling frantically as she tried to haul her ample frame up. She failed and fell off and walked away in disgrace.

The Striped Avenger is a  really lovely cat so it's hard to be mad at her. But when you look like you're recreating Riverdance as you come home after a hard day at work you can't help but curse her a little.

Don't be fooled by that face!


  1. Aww, look at the size of that fluffy tum!

    Can't she poo in the flowerbeds like a normal cat though?

  2. Bless her... but I would be cursing a little too! How unusual!?

  3. Looks like all fur coat and no knickers to me!!!

  4. That little picture of've got it all wrong! She is a cutie though isn't she. Sue x

  5. She is beautiful, but yeah, yuk. My cats won't do it in the flowerbeds either, right in the middle of the lawn - why oh why?!

  6. Nooooo! I don't believe it. That beautiful little cat couldn't possibly be responsible. It is some other naughty little thing. She is lovely isn't she - surely you forgive such a pretty little cat? (if its really true)

  7. I love the Striped Avenger, and am so desparate for a kitty cat all of my own, that I would even take in one with no pavement-manners! What a cutie. xxx

  8. She is adorable but obviously missing the dig, do and cover gene!

  9. She is very cute indeed but that's very strange behaviour for a cat - are you sure she's not a dog in disguise?

  10. Ah blergh. We've got a cat like that in the neighbourhood too. So, so, so, so yucky. People used to think it was my dog, so unfair.

  11. awww she looks adorable though. I love that last picture.

    My little Helicopter (who only poos discreetly) is prone to jump, scrabble with hindquarters, fall, fake interest in foot licking to avoid embarrassment too.


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