Saturday, 3 December 2011

Ripply Beast - Done and Done

I. am. done.

And I don't really have the words to be honest. I'm just relieved that it's finished to be honest.

It was odd really because at the beginning it was so exciting seeing it grow and it seemed to come on leaps and bounds but once it got to a certain size it just felt like it really wasn't getting any bigger and it was as if no matter how many stripes I kept adding it wasn't getting any bigger, which meant I started to get sick of it.

I still don't know how I feel about it. I mentioned before that I had started to fall out of love with it and I'm still not sure. I mean I do like it myself and think it's awesome but I'm just not sure if my Dad and his wife will love it. I guess we will see, but it's an important lesson for me to learn - that I have to remember who is getting the blanket, rather than just pleasing myself. Or at least think a little more carefully about how the colours are going to go together.

But either way, hurrah, it is done. And in plenty of time for Christmas, so that's two names to knock off my Christmas list which always makes me happy.

He has now been folded up nicely and stored away for the day when I sit down and wrap all my presents (which is always an exciting day by the way) and now? Well now I could maybe, possibly, think about doing something for myself. Shocking idea I know.

Some stats for you? Oh go on then;

Yarn used: Mighty mighty Stylecraft Special DK

Amount of yarn used: Erm....I dunno. Each ball is 100g and I reckon I used about one and a quarter or one and a half balls of each. So I guess anywhere between 1375g - 1650g of yarn

Colours used:
Wisteria (1432)
Saffron (1081)
Claret (1123)
Bluebell (1082)
Magenta (1084)
Grey (1099)
Raspberry (1023)
Turquoise (1068)
Plum (1061)
Teal (1062)
Cream (1005)

Number of stripes: 66

Time taken: Started on 13th October - finished 2nd December = 51 days


  1. It looks great. I'm sure they'll love it - because you made it.

  2. It does look great - and all big projects get to the point when they don't seem to be growing at all, and you just want them to be done already.... sorry! I'd love it (promise - great home, kind owners...)

  3. It is beautiful. Congrats. Can't tell you how many 1/2 finished projects like that I have about the home.

  4. Oh. My. God. That is bluddy fabulous. If I had made it, I certainly wouldn't want to give it away. Make me one?

  5. Beautiful, beautiful blanket. I'd be thrilled if that was given to me and I'm sure they will be too.

  6. It's a great blanket and they'll be delighted with it, have no fear. Well done!

  7. It's gorgeous. Well done you for finishing it, I've been knitting a blanket for such a long time now that I can't even remember when I started it. I've got to the stage where it feels like it's just not getting any bigger. lol

  8. I may have mentioned before- but I really really like this blanket- it's gorgeous and awesome!!

  9. Huzzah! And I found just the tags to accompany such a fine gift!

  10. Yippee! Well done! Well done! It looks amazing so you should be proud! xxx

  11. That is really impressive! I am making some crochet wedding presents (blankets) so hope that my friends like them - they are really simple though - just granny squares. I think I will need to learn to ripple once I have done them.

  12. Very inspiring! I'm sure their faces will be a picture of delight when they receive it! x

  13. Yay! I'm so glad you persevered, it looks wonderful :D

  14. I think he is a mighty fine Beast! Well done :) x

  15. Wow, that's some speedy rippling! I think it's lovely and can't imagine a home it wouldn't go well in - of course they'll love it! It is horrible though when you start to fall out of love with a project half way through. I think I've only ever done one thing that I've finished and just LOVED so much I've had to stroke it and things, would love to have that with everything I make! xx

  16. I really really like it and I think they will too.

    It is a wonderful gift. I wish it were mine!

  17. bloody hell girl you're a machine! it looks fabulous, stripes are just the BESTTHINGEVER aren't they?

    can't believe you've done 3 ripples in a year. AWESOME!


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