Monday, 28 November 2011

Things that have been awesome today

I spent three hours away from my desk on Fire Warden training. I have been snowed under lately but things have relented slightly and being away from my desk for a while was actually quite cool (although I do now have a slightly irrational fear that things are going to combust in front of me).
I discovered that I can do something cool with my phone - I can draw on it with my finger and then send the messages to people. People are now getting crudely drawn stick figures on a regular basis from me.

One of my housemates made the most amazing chocolate and orange cake and I'm totally having some as soon as I've finished this blog post.

I bought a massive load of veg from the fruit and veg co-op that my company runs on the local estate, it's run entirely by local volunteers. I get fresh veg that's cheaper than supermarkets plus I get to help out the local economy. Everyone's a winner.

I spent about 2 hours in the kitchen when I got home from work which seems like a lot but I've made 4 portions of chilli, 2 portions of chicken & chorizo jambalaya and 5 portions of vegetable tagine so the freezer is stocked up for a wee while now.

I got an amazeballs package in the post from Bella Bee and Me - lots of lovely cross stitch patterns for this Christmas and next.

Lots of people said they liked my hair today which was very nice because I have officially learned how to backcomb my hair to make myself a little beehive number. I do have a bump-it and I do use it but for ages I've wanted to be able to do it myself and thanks to the magical You Tube I totally can now. I can feel an obsession coming on, and I don't think my hair is going to thank me for it.

I bought two Christmas presents today meaning that's two more people I can cross off my Christmas list. And that's always a good feeling.

Sorry. Don't know where this blog post has come from. I must be in a good mood. Don't worry it won't last long.

Edited to add: Just after writing this post I threw one portion of vegetable tagine all over the kitchen. But we're good! I still have 4!

Edited again: Want to see a photo of the little beehive number? (Emphasis on the little - I have stupid layers which are too short which I'm trying to grow out) 'Tis on me Flickr photostream, have a little clickity click here. And if you comment on my grey hairs I'll come and sock you one on the nose.

Edited AGAIN: Another awesome thing happened! I totally won a prize in Alex's Amazeballs Giveaway (there's a small chance I made up that name myself.) I think I should just stay awake until midnight on the off-chance that more awesome things happen.


  1. That is one big bucketload of awesomeness!!!
    Made me feel happy just reading about it

  2. Sounds like things are really going your way today :-) any photos of your hair?

  3. You can tell you're upbeat from this post! I want to see hair!! I am finally happy with my hair - my friend cut it this weekend and she cuts it how you ask - not how the hairdressers want! Had lots of compliments too so snap! xxx

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  5. You've probably got enough to last the next 10 years, never repeating the same one twice! Glad your pleased with my over enthusiasm! At least you should beable to find a couple you like! haha!

    Sounds like a pretty kick ass day.

    Kier x

  6. Totalling loving the happiness in this post! And the hair is indeed awesome! xxxx

  7. Any E-numbers in your food yesterday?! lol

  8. Wow, that does sound like a brilliant day (food spill aside). I think I need to make more effort to have such a good day.

  9. Wow, that does sound like a brilliant day (food spill aside). I think I need to make more effort to have such a good day.

  10. Haha my OH has discovered that drawing a message thing! Can't do it on my phone! Well done for all your fab things - I love your hair :) and glad I'm not the only one with grey hairs :) x

  11. Ha, you're so funny, you go from all sweetness and light to socking us on the nose within seconds. Off to check out your hairdo :)

  12. It sounds like you've had a very good day. Don't you just love a chirpy Monday! x

  13. Oh boy you are taking me back to the 60's - honestly there is nothing new under the sun....back combing...must tell you that sometimes not even hairdressers can do it....when No 2 son got married in St Andrews last year I booked an appointment 9 months in soon as she started to blow dry my hair I knew it was going to be a disaster...she didn't do it firmly with the result that there was no body in it at she decided to try and backcomb it....she hadn't a clue....I paid (through the nose) and left....went back to hotel and did my hair myself....backcombing and hairspray saved the day.....and the fascinator stayed put until I took it off in the evening. Don't worry about the grey hairs.....they show maturity!!!

  14. Awesome happy post and lovely happy hair. you should check out Natalia Yanchak from the band The Dears. She has the most beautiful grey hair. Your hair also looks beautiful, loving the beehive, might try one myself soon.


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