Monday, 7 November 2011

The Ripply Beast grows...


*waves madly*

It's me. Back.  But who knows for how long, I'm now starting to learn that it''s not wise to make promises where blogging is concerned. Plus we have now officially entered the worst time for blogging ever which  is also known as "It's too dark for me to ever take photos damnit."

There is much to tell you that I almost don't know where to begin.

So let's start with something easy that doesn't require too much brain power. (And also the photos have already been taken for it.)

The Ripply Beast.

When you last saw him 3 weeks ago he was a much smaller being. In fact he was just 4 rows long.

I did go through several mild panic attacks in the beginning stages of this blanket. Mainly because I decided to see what he looked like on a real life double bed and then freaked out when I saw how insignificant he looked. He just looked so tiny on that big, massive bed - he was not Beast-like at all (although he was particularly ripply).

The main stress was just how much yarn it was going to take up. I was going for the cheap option by using Stylecraft DK and I bought all the yarn a while ago but I was feeling a little worried that I was going to need all the skeins in the world. Turns out there was nothing to worry about because he now looks like this...

37 rows long baby. And I'm still on my first balls of yarn! Let me hear you say YEAH! (yeah!)

So as you can see, he's pretty much half of a double bed at the moment so by my calculations, which involve fingers and thumbs and a lot of screwing up of my forehead, before just deciding to make a wild guess, I should be finished any minute now. Or maybe not, but I definitely won't need to buy more yarn so that's rather marvellous. And given that this is how far I've come in 3 weeks I feel pretty good about getting him finished in plenty of time for Christmas, although I won't lie, I think the Gantt Chart has been shot to shit. (This is what I get for overestimating what I can make.)

Seeing as I can't take any decent pictures of him I have resorted to making a collage of his progress so far. This is the journey of the Ripply Beast from 13th October - 6th November.

As with all things crafty, photos can be found in my Flickr photostream and also in the Attic24 & Little Tin Bird Ripple-along group.


  1. That is one stunning Ripply Beast!!
    I love his colours!!
    Bummer about the Gant chart

  2. Super impressive. Maybe one day my skills will be sufficient for making one myself.

  3. It's looking great. Keep on hooking!

  4. Lovely beast! My list has already gone awry too - and I've just discovered that I must buy interfacing as well as ribbon tomorrow :)

  5. Super impressed with this rippling!! Maybe one day when you have time, you can tell us how you do it, cos I've tried a couple of patterns and just can't mae them work!

  6. I'm beginning to think that part of the fun of crafting (just a small part of course) is making hugely over-ambitious plans that you'll never accomplish...

    You've got to dream right? And if you express your dream thought a Gantt Chart who is to criticise that?

  7. I'm glad to see you have a firm grip on the ripple beast and did not allow the panic to overwhelm you! You've cracked on, I'm very impressed with your progress considering the width of it, I was a little secretly concerned that it was going to be too much to finish by christmas, but Bravo! you happily proved me wrong.
    Kier x

  8. Agh - the crocheting community in Northern Ireland are so proud of your progress!

  9. How have you done that so quickly? Damn you and your productivity! I need to make a baby blanket in time for any day now, I'm in a proper tizz!

    Anyway, love the flashes of white/cream through it and also totally with you on it being too dark to take pictures EVER :( x


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