Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ripply Beast and I fall out

Ripply Beast and I fell out the other day.

It was awful. There were tears and tantrums and we both blamed each other for the hurt that we were going through.

I think it all started when the Doubt and the Fear set in. I just looked at the Ripply Beast one day and said “I’m not sure if I really like you.” I know, it’s a terribly thing to even think, let alone speak out loud and I must have hurt its feelings dreadfully but I really am having doubts about him. He’s just so blinking colourful, I don’t understand how that happened. I’m pretty sure that I had a vague idea in my head that this blanket was going to be a little bit Classic and understated and somehow I’ve ended up with this riot of colour that isn’t cohesive in the slightest.

I don’t know how it happened. I guess I just got over-excited choosing the colours and I’m not 100% convinced that I really know how to choose colours. I should have realised this earlier, I mean I knew that I had 11 different colours going in to the blanket and I looked at them being all beautiful in my bag but for some reason I just didn’t connect the dots.

And as much as I think it’s cool to have loads of colour, I’m not sure how my Dad and his wife are going to react to it. I’ve been trying to keep my cool by reminding myself that they’re not really good at interiors themselves (harsh but oh so very true), but the Doubt and the Fear are starting to nest permanently in my head. I was planning on telling them that it was for their house in France anyway, I guess that way, if they do hate it it can just live in a different country and they won’t have to face it that often.

So the fact that I have the Doubt and the Fear nestling on my shoulder, meant that I wasn’t really feeling in the mood in the work on him and I think that’s when he really took the hump.

Ripply Beast - 23rd November 2011

When I finally did pull myself around and start back on him I realised I was at an interesting point in construction. I was facing the dilemma that all crocheters (and I’m assuming knitters) face - I was coming to the end of my first balls of yarn. I was there, trying to gauge things and decide if I could eek it out just a little bit further and decided that I could probably at least get one row of ripple out of what was left and then start the new ball for the second row of ripple. This would avoid me running out half way through and having to tie the end of the old ball to the new one in a way that isn’t coming to fall apart and isn’t going to result in an unsightly blemish in the middle of the blanket.

Scraps of wool that are going to look awesome in my glass jars

All was going well until I got all taffled up in a knot. Instead of calmly pulling it out I had a freak out and pulled as hard as I could, which rather inevitably resulted in me snapping the wool, meaning that I ended up having to tie some ends together and do exactly what I had tried so hard to avoid.

I tried not to be put off and moved on to the next row where I had some kind of total brain malfunction which caused me to go wrong twice meaning that a whole row had to be ripped out twice because I lost the inability to count properly.

At that point, Ripply Beast was abandoned for some time whilst we both tried to come to terms with this sudden decline in our relationship.

But I realised that it’s just too late to do anything about it now. I’m too far down the road to start again and I’m just going to have to forge ahead despite the Doubt and Fear jackhammering into my skull.


But even if I don’t like it, there are two people who love it...


Fred - who seriously did love it. As in loved it so much I couldn't leave it alone for 2 seconds before he climbed on it loved it. I'm still picking ginger and white fur off it.


  1. I don't see what you don't like about it ... it looks beautiful all spread out on your bed like that. Really it does.

    I hate hate hate it when you can't get a row right, it happens ALL the time and it's a right chuffbag of a situation. As for tieing in the middle of the row, well it doesn't really look that bad. What I do is tie the yarn with two really long ends on them so that I have plenty to crochet over/weave in after wards and you don't end up with a big knot.

    Your dad and his wife will love it I'm sure, and even more so because you've put the time and love into making it. Stop stressing!

  2. The doubt and fear need to totally leave the building because it's AWESOME!!!
    I really love it, and am sure your Dad will too
    Also you and Heather have an uncanny habit of posting at the same time!!

  3. I see what you mean about the colours but I think you're being a bit harsh on yourself, it still looks really impressive - I mean, it's massive! Look, just get it over and done with, say it's for France if you really feel that way about it, and forget about it! Onto the next project! After all, it's all a big learning curve!

  4. I think it looks gorgeous. But I have had similar moments - I think it comes from spending so much time on a project, halfway through I often seem to decide that I hate it and it's going to be terrible. I hope your doubt and fear realise that they are wrong and it is a stunning blanket!

  5. I think it will look fabulous when it's done, so don't give up! I just can't believe you got so far on one ball of each colour.

  6. That is a truly splendid blanket!! I think the colours go very well together, good work!

  7. I know what you mean, I am half way through a monster ripple myself and like a man you meet (once upon a time - not that any of us are like that these days :P) on a drunken night out, I was in love, I thought I was having the best time ever, then I woke up and had a sudden, urrgh..I don't ever want to see you again.
    Each row I have forced myself to finish, resenting the red and just bearing the black - why did I put such colours in?? But, I know, in the end, I will love it.

    Your blanket is awesome and as it is a gift for your dad, no matter if he likes the colours or not, it is a big massive show of love. Each ripple will show him how much you care. So think of it in a good way, be positive, chin up, make friends and you love it in the end (I do)xx

  8. Aww I think it is just cold feet. I can tell you still love the colours. Doesn't that caption say that they are "going to look awesome"?

    I admit. You may not love it quite as much as Fred loves it but BOY does he love it! That is a very territorial cat face. I'm not sure he's going to let you give it away...

  9. Well, yes, if you wanted classic this is colourful but so what? Another point to ponder....when it is on the sleeps in a bed...who is actually worried about colour when you have your eyes closed? As others say stop's a casual occasional blanket for cool days in France.

  10. Augh, I'm sure I had the idea of colourful tiny balls of wool in glass jars - did I get it from you without realising?!

    I'm another one who doesn't know what you're worried about - I think if it were a narrower blanket the colours might seem a bit 'on top of one another' but as it's so big it's balanced out. Possibly a case of being too close to a project for too long making you over-analyse it? I'm the same with my current baby blanket, not liking how the colours are coming together at all :(

    Loving Lily, she's always so manic-looking :) xxx

  11. a) It's fricking gorgeous so stop your worrying.

    b) I am having similar wool related issues with the scarf I'm knitting. I don't know what to do to work in a new ball of wool. It's all going to go horribly wrong :(

    c) Said scarf is cream. I'm having to wrap it in a double sheet to keep the orange cat fluff off it. Nightmare.

  12. You have done loads! And it looks fab - can't see that anyone wouldn't like it!

  13. It's GORGEOUS. Just give it plain white bedlinen and watch it sing!

  14. I'm having the same problem but on a slightly smaller scale with some ripply and circular cushions I'm trying to make for gifts. If I go beyond 3/4 colours I have a complete colour confidence crisis. I'm just not comfortable or confident with loads of colours together. However, your blanket looks awesome in situ. I'm amazed your almost done. You have the cats seal of approval anyway. What more do you need!

    Kier x

  15. I need to tell you that there is nothing wrong with that blanket! Neither is it just OK either. There are many ripples out there and in my opinion Style Craft makes one of the nicest. Your colour choices are all lovely and look fantastic together. Sober ripples and overly controlled colour schemes on ripples are boring and counter-productive to the ripple I think. Yours is well up there with a Posy or an Attic 24. No one says theirs are too colourful do they? Well neither is yours!

    I love it and no I am not someone who loves garish nasty colours but I do like pretty and colourful – there is a huge difference and yours is well over on the side of good taste and charm. You have a lovely mix of more sombre colours and brights which elevate it. Your other ripple was really lovely but this is even nicer and my choice totally. You are good with colours and choose really well. How can you not like something this beautiful? Worry not.

    If we were not so timid about colour then maybe M & S wouldn’t be filled to the rafters with nice but dull grey and beige cardigans. The sky is invariably grey in this country so we all need cheering up a bit don’t you think? We deserve a bit of colour. Your lovely blanket would look at home in any lifestyle magazine and everyone looking would seriously want it and think it awesome. (I know I do!) Honestly, one of the very nicest ripples I have seen.

    If I got given this I would rescue it in a house fire after my daughter and cats. Love it. P.s. My daughter has just seen this and also gives it a big thumbs up.

  16. All artist despise their work at some might be a pain to you but it looks good to me and the kitties! Keep going! Don't give up! It is about patience and the learning process too!

    Hope all is well in other parts of your life - it seems you really have your craft on...I had plans to do some crafting tonight but somehow it is 9pm already...and I'm tired...but we'll see. I think I'll get off the computer now and try a bit harder to do something! xxx


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