Friday, 25 November 2011

The Gantt Chart: Revisited

Haha Gantt Chart. How hilarious you are.

I have already mentioned a couple of times I think that my Gantt Chart has gone down the swanney but please allow me to elaborate.

I made the classic mistake of totally underestimating how much time it was going to take me to do everything I wanted to do. I must have been taken over by some kind of haze which made me think that I am Superwoman.

“Christmas card every two weeks? BOOM! Easy.”

It just appeared to fall out of my mind the fact that I work for a living and that I’m just not that speedy a crafter; two small but oh so very significant details.

To be fair though, looking back over it there is still the chance that some of it might be rectified. The first 5 things on the chart were all completed within the time allocated to them, including:

- One mobile for a friend’s baby,

- One cross stitched a new home card for my brother and sister-in-law,

- One cross-stitched a birthday card for one of the Stitchettes, and,

- I got my soluble aida out and cross-stitched some designs on 3 tops for my niece’s first birthday (sorry didn’t get any pictures before I sent them off).

- One Christmas decoration (in the shape of a Christmas Wreath like the one I made last year) for my Mum’s friend’s birthday present.

And I don’t actually know if I would have got all of that done if it wasn’t for the Gantt Chart so for that I salute it. It kept me on track and gave me a kick up the bum when it was needed.

Actually when I look at it, not everything is necessarily lost. The main thing that’s not going to happen is the whole Christmas cards and gift tags thing because I just over-estimated my abilities there. But I am still trying to do what I can here and there, and I have got another 2 cards to add to the pile already.

However there is still time for me to make all the Christmas decorations, I just need to wrap my head around what materials I need and get a wriggle on. They’re just extra little presents that I’ll be giving to people probably.

But I haven’t been completely slacking of course. The Ripply Beast has taken up the most time and I had two additions to my Gantt Chart – I whipped up another mobile for a new baby and I’ve made another Christmas wreath which will become part of a friend’s Christmas present.

The mobile in pre-production. I  really must remember to take photographs of things when I actually finish them.

Actually scrap this pity party, if you take out the Christmas cards and the gift tags then I am totally on track to see this Gantt Chart through to the end.

I feel enthused! I feel pumped up! It would appear that the Gantt Chart has infiltrated my brain without me realising it and I’m just getting on with things of my own accord.


(This post has been most confusing. I apologise.)


  1. I'm thinking that you probably are a bit of a Superwoman. You put me to shame - I'm really impressed at what you've achieved this year. Well done!

    (Almost wrote this with my school hat on, and typed 'Keep It Up!' xx

  2. High five indeed- I'm very impressed. Any chance you could include a linky-link for the Christmas wreath for us what has the lurgy? (having my own pity party, right here, on the subject of the lurgy and my workiest weekend coinciding beautifully!)

  3. Yeah, I am majorly impressed on how much you've done!

  4. This seems pretty amazing to me! Still totally love the baby letters, so so cute!

  5. Pesky old working-for-a-living. I always make plans as though I don't have work squatting on my life for a good ten hours of most days. How can we forget?

  6. ^ What Mooncalf said plus, yeah, everything takes SO MUCH LONGER than it should!

    Re. your neice's cross-stitched tops - HOW could you make something and then NOT take a photo of it?! This just doesn't compute for me. I make a CUP OF TEA and have to take a picture for posterity!


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