Sunday, 13 November 2011

Christmas Cards

Christmas Christmas Christmas. I'm feeling it baby. Who knows what has brought it on, whether it was watching Love Actually with my Mum last night or seeing Christmas ads appearing on tv (although technically I haven't seen the Coke ad yet and everyone knows it's not Christmas until you've seen that) or whether it's that special little nip in the air - but I'm feeling it all the same.

I had a little sort out this afternoon and went through all my crafty drawers, making things neat which is basically my idea of porn.

Anyway I thought I'd have a little check and see how my Christmas cards are coming along. As you may remember, it was one of my Not Really Resolutions this year to cross-stitch one Christmas card each month so I had a small stash to send to some people. Ideally I would have cross-stitched a card for everyone on my list, but instead I'm going to have to choose an elite list of people to send them to. 

I think I should tell people this and have them vie for a place on the list.


I totally have more than 12 cards! Woo hoo! Technically I feel like I can't cross this one off the list because technically the resolution was to stitch one a month, not stitch 12 overall, and I'm a stickler for the technicalities, but hurray I do at least have 12.

As you can see, there are 14 bad boys here. In fact there are 15, but I can't include a picture of one because that one's for The Person and he's a little creepy creeperson here on this blog and I can't have him spoiling his own surprise.

There's a wee mix. Some little ones and some larger ones and some that I've made up myself (if you couldn't guess, they're the ones that are mean - obviously my inner awful person comes out when I try to design my own cards) and a bonus picture of Fred thrown into the mix because I didn't have enough pictures of cross stitch.

November's card is currently on the aida - it's only a small one but hey I didn't say that they had to be masterpieces. 

I did have grand plans on the Gantt Chart to make more than this. I think I planned to make one every other week, but obviously I have mental problems if I thought that was going to happen. Still, I guess it's good that I over-estimate myself....or is that bad? I'm not sure.

Either way I'm pretty much ready to tick another Not Really Resolution off my list and, thanks to buying some Christmas cards in Paperchase in the sale in January this year I'll be able to send out all my cards at little to no cost. Bonus.

Anyone got a favourite card in that mosaic above? (Please note you can pick Fred.)


  1. Wow, I'm so impressed you did all those!

    I like the reindeer and the "happy motherfreaking christmas" one.

    I'm not too excited about Christmas yet - I probably won't be now until after my work trip to london in early december. Although I get paid tomorrow so really should start my christmas shopping asap!

  2. I am also amazed you did these!!!!
    Truly amazed- they are fantastic!!!
    I tried to pick a favourite but just could not narrow it down to one
    I love the deer, the pengiun, the cats balancing to reach the top of the Christmas tree, also the happy Motherfreaking Christmas!!
    Nice work- love these bad boys!!!

  3. Love the cat being thrown into the mix!!! ;) My kinda girl! And loving the cards! You are sooo organised! And talented!!! xxx

  4. Truly minature masterpieces - a labour of love! The Coca Cola advert was on during X factor on Saturday - my daughter says it signals the start of Christmas for her! xxxx

  5. Very impressive! Love the baubles, and the Happy Motherfreaking Xmas made me laugh!!! Well done you!

  6. The penguin, I just love them!
    Totally know what you mean about craft porn. I got boyfriend to drive me to Hobbycraft one evening last week and I think my exact words after we walked in was something along the lines of "Oh my god, this shop is like craft porn" - oh dear

  7. With only the BBC iplayer to provide my television viewing I no longer have to sit through all the tripe christmas toy and perfume adverts but I must admit to being a bit miffed at missing the seasonal coke one.

    I love your cross stitch cards, I made a few last year, but for the amount of time they ttake I worry people don't appreciate them enough and frankly I'm not sure they deserve them (even family!). I've not made any this year, but that's more that I'm busy knitting and crocheting and may make a few gifts and have no time left for cards. I have a plan for cards next year (I'm hoping to get into a bit of lino printing in the new year). I love the simple pencil drawing type red bauble. Lovely. Where did you find that one. I have the robin one, and did that last year for my gran I think. I have some gorgeous ones that are done in the metallic shiny thread (which is a pain to work with) they are quite simple and quick as they are worked in the same colour but very effective, and some cool blackwork ones. If your interested in having some new designs for next year, let me know and I could pass the designs on to you if you'd like.
    I love your posts! They make me smile. Could your friendship be bought? I was thinking the cowl you admired on my blog, plus the cross stitch designs? It would save me stalking you! ;p
    Kier x

  8. Woo! I hope the recipients appreciate your hard work - they're lovely.
    I have three favourites - the penguin, the little tree in a pot, and Fred (of course).

  9. Wow that is impressive!

    I have an obsession with reindeer so love that one. I don't really send Christmas cards but donate to a charity instead and send an email. The grannies still appreciate a card though, maybe I can squeeze in some time for a crochet snowflake or two before the end of November ...

  10. My favourites are the sketchy bauble ones form Cross Stitcher because I bought the threads to make those but then I sort of lost faith and wasn't sure. I love the colours - they've got a lovely modern look but the colours are all glowy like stained glass.

    Anyway, if you like them then they must be good and I WILL make some.

    And I like Fred :)

  11. Those angels are very very pretty. And Fred is dead cute too! x

  12. I like the penguin in the balaclava best! what a wonderful lot of cards! You are so clever! I'd only ever done Cross-stitch once and I got in such a tangle making a binca coaster!!!

  13. Fred! What? I have to pick an actual stitched creation? Oh, ok then. It's the penguin wrapped up in the scarf. I cannot resist a good penguin card. My mum has been stitching away recently and showed me a card she'd made with an iceskating penguin on it. The squeeing that happened had to be heard to be believed.

  14. Ooh, I really like the two simple orange presents. They're like stylish pencil sketches.

  15. Brilliant! Huge well done on getting so many finished! I can't really pick a fave ... (oh, go on then it's the cats with the Christmas tree! ;)) xx


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