Friday, 28 October 2011

Disappearing Act

You see I really should think things through better. That way, I would have arrived back in the blogosphere, posts spooling out all over your Google Reader/whatever else you use, dazzling you with the awesomeness which is my life.

Instead I did a really boring post about books and now I'm going to disappear for a week or so.

(Must get better at timing.)

For the next week I shall be undertaking essential Fred and Lily sitting duties and then I'll be off to see The Person so blogging will be non-existent until the 2nd week of November, but I promise I'll make up for it then yeah?

In the meantime let me leave you with this...

The girl I share an office with just said the word "spontinuity" instead of "spontaneity".

I thought I was going to give myself a hernia laughing.

Happy weekend.


  1. hehe I love that!
    My Mum always says unindated instead of inundated... gets me every time!

  2. I love it when someone mispronounces a word. It's like a new word! I know someone who does it all the time, and she's not stupid. Just can't pronounce well. lol

  3. Yes, I laughed too...have a good week - you'll be missed!

  4. My loved one arrived at my flat last summer after having biked his way from Barcelona to Canterbury without stopping, collapsed on my bed and was massively hyper/exhausted all at the same time. When I asked him how he was he said 'I'm delarious!'..... Possibly now my favourite word. Brilliant combo of hilarious and delirious and a perfect description of his behaviour sometimes....

  5. Come back soon!! :) Enjoy kitty time! xxx

  6. Have a lovely break :) we'll be here when you get back (that's the royal we, of course!)


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