Monday, 10 October 2011

The last thing my camera saw...

It's that time of year again.

Time for Hull Fair.

I don't think there's a person alive (and certainly not an adult) who gets more excited about the fair than me. Unfortunately everyone else has grown up and isn't up for spending hours wandering around and getting chucked around like a ragdoll. Boo to them I say.

I've got 3 trips planned this year over the week or so the fair is on, because I am just that childish. One with the girls, one with an old friend from school and one with The Person who has never experienced the delights the fair has to offer.

This Saturday saw my first trip with the girls which unfortunately coincided with the heavens opening. I'm talking all kinds of rain pouring out of the sky.

To my immense disappointment only a couple of rides were endured before people called off feeling tired, bashed and thoroughly soaked through. I got to be whirled around a wee bit, but only enough to whet my appetite for my next trip tomorrow.

I'm not great at being just spun in round in circles. I can be flung about and go upside down and be thrown in the air without any problems whatsoever, but spinning round and round and round has an unfortunate effect on my brain and consequently stomach.

A couple of my friends however are little daredevils and went on the ultimate spinny roundy ride which is called the Superbowl. Think waltzers, on a platform, which tips in the air and you'll have the gist. My whole life I've wanted to go on it and my whole life I've never dared and this year was no exception.

Through the pouring rain I tried to snap some pictures, but,

Lots of rain + Flashing strobe lights + Spinny machines = crap photos

I did my best however and somewhere in this photo you can see my friends...

The next afternoon I decided I'd have a look at what photos I'd managed to get the night before. I turned my camera on......

....and nothing.

My camera is officially dead.

I'm not sure if it got completely soaked through, or if it got completely bashed about on the last ride we went on, which has left me with an incredibly bruised arm which I can't lift above my head.

Following the advice from some friends my camera has been taken apart and is enjoying a nice rice bath at the moment. Apparently the rice can soak up any excess moisture which might remain, but it's been in there for 24 hours and there's still no joy.

Luckily for me I took out insurance cover when I bought the camera and it's still covered. A quick hunt under my bed uncovered the policy and I'll be taking him in tomorrow to get him replaced.

There was more than a slight panic when I realised the effect this might have on my efforts to complete Project365, but my phone is going to have to substitute for now. I just have to figure out how to upload my photos straights to Flickr. Oh technology.

So the last thing my camera saw?

Aaaaaaah poor thing...


  1. I went on the Superbowl ride once when I was about 15. I'd never been allowed to go to the fair before, and I thought it was waltzers which I LOVE. Imagine my terror when the whole ride lifted up and tilted on its side. Yeah.

  2. Oh no your poor camera!!

  3. Cool that you can put it in rice...sad your camera died. I worry about mine doing that one day...but saw on facebook that you have a new beast? What is it? Tell!!! xxx

  4. Yikes - is it really a year since the fair?

    I hope your camera recovers soon! x

  5. I have this problem with the fair. Every time it comes to town I am as excited as a child at Xmas but nobody will go with me! My boyfriends thinks its full of less than desirables and is scared he will die on the rides and my friends are all 'mature' <- snooty sarcasm voice applied.

    Turns out I had the perfect fair partner all along, my 14 year old sister! Win!


  6. I love these whirly shots, but poor little camera :-(
    Having a little giveaway which you are welcome to join if you want?


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