Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bloggers to the rescue!

So I decided a while ago that I wanted to make a blanket for my Dad and his wife for Christmas.

I duly ordered some Stylecraft from the internet and then gasped in horror as I realised that either I'm blind or the photos on the internet were not good because the bag of tricks I opened was not. good. Seriously. What must they have thought I was making as they packed the bag up? They should have had some system in place where they could ring me and say "Are you sure you want these colours lady?!"

Anyway. Cue trip to see Little Tin Bird where I could go and see some Stylecraft wool with my eyes and pick some colours (or actually get Heather to do it for me). At the time you all bemoaned that I didn't take any pictures of the wool so here you go.

Look at the prettiness!

So I had all my loveliness and I seriously couldn't wait to get cracking. And I didn't - I was crocheting at home and I was crocheting at my sister's and then I was crocheting in my sleep (ok, maybe the last bit isn't true).

And then I stalled.

Because I got the feeling that I didn't really like what I was doing. This bemused me because if I decided to do something how could I suddenly not like it?! Anyway there was definitely a feeling of not liking it and this manifested itself in me studiously ignoring the gorgeous bag of colourfulness hoping it would sort itself out.

Funnily enough it hasn't, and with Christmas approaching I know that I need to make a decision - do I carry on the route that I'm going down or do I start again?

You see I didn't want to do another granny square blanket. I can't even explain why, I'd just decided I wanted to do something different. So I looked through my Jan Eaton book and decided on a square that I'd done before, the Square Target...

I thought it might look cool all different colours. I wouldn't be able to do all the colours in one go, I thought I'd do squares in select colours and edge them in cream and then bring them all together in the end. I think this is where I'm struggling. I've done four squares so far and I'm just not feeling it, but I don't know if I'm not feeling it because these particular squares don't go together and if I keep going I'll feel better about it when I have more combinations or because it's a bad idea all round.

So this is where I need your help. Do I continue on the road I'm going down or scrap it all together and start a ripple (which I think is what my crochet soul is begging to do)?

Square Targets?




(Unless you're having issues with Blogger like I am at the moment. It's not letting me comment at all, or at least I don't think it is, I know I've e-mailed a couple of you my comments instead! Is it just me or can no-one else comment either?!)


  1. I love what you're doing, but I think that's because my crochet soul is begging me to do a colorful squares edged with cream blanket!!! :-)

  2. I personally like what you're doing, the path you're on, but if your inner being is saying to go ripple then I think you should listen to it. Just my opinion mind you. :o)

  3. how about doing it as a granny stripe if you aren't happy with how the squares are working out? x

  4. I would stick with the squares, as ripple blankets seem to be everywhere and it is good to do something different.

  5. I really like the colors, and I think you're right about once you've done a few more it will fit better for you.........but I also think you should always listen to your crochet soul. So if in doubt, I would go with your soul.
    Good luck deciding!!

  6. If you're not feeling it, then I would put the squares aside and work on the ripple. Listen to your inner crochet voice!

  7. my crochet soul is fed up with granny square blankets too, go with your heart, start again (but save the squares you've done, you may go back to them another time.
    joy xx

  8. I'd say frog it and ripple. I'm not sure about the colour combination in the squares, some colours are so dark compared to others, I think it would pass better as a ripple. And it really doesn't matter to my mind whether ripples are all over blogland or not, you're making this for your dad, not your readers!

  9. I like the colour combos in the top two squares best. If doing these squares feels a bit like a chore, then you should def put them aside and get rippling. If it's not fun you won't want to do it!

  10. I vote for ripple. Big granny squares just don't do it for me.

  11. If you continue you won't enjoy it and will probably always hate the end result.
    You have to love doing for the love to come through in the finished product. I have many unfinished projects for this very reason...
    Hope this helps and good luck with what ever you decide :)

  12. Ripple - oh how I would love to know how to crochet/ripple.
    The colours would look super nice in ripples and if you are not feeling it now in the squares, not sure you ever will and then will would want to give it to your dad?
    PS Why won't crochet just stick with me? My brain doesn't compute it!?

  13. If your heart and soul is not singing as you crochet...then do what your heart tells you....nothing is so awful as working on something you don't even LIKE!! Gosh I wish we could even get Stylecraft in a shop in N.I. The wool shops are few and far between. Some day I am going to that wool shop you were in with Heather....I dream of touching and feeling all the beautiful yarn...yes, can buy on line but it's not quite the same.

  14. I like the squares, but if you go up the ripple route you won't have all that joining to do. I'm almost finished a blanket that has 718 hexagons - think of all that sewing!!


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