Friday, 27 April 2012

Gone for not forgotten

I've had a nagging feeling for ages and I haven't been able to work out what it was. And so I filed it with the other 12 billion things that are nagging at me at the moment and left it alone. But still it persisted and I couldn't shake it no matter what I did.

Eventually I realised what it was. It was this little guy. This poor abandoned blog of mine which has been left in a state of limbo for most of the month.

That is not good and for that I apologise. Not that I believe anyone has been wringing their hands and looking up to the sky and screaming "Why?! WHY?! Why is she not posting?!" but I just don't like leaving things up in the air with no explanation.

The fact is that I've fallen a bit out of love with the blogging game for the past month. I've been crazily hectic at work (since being told I was being made redundant, I was moved to a different area of the company and have been working for a catering supplier - yeah. Don't ask. That is not what I'm qualified to do. Let's not go into it.) and with everything going on I've just felt the need to be silent. I didn't want to fill the blog up with post after post after post of moaning and whinging and I didn't really know what else to write about so I decided not to write at all. And now, after not having written for a month I don't know whether I really want to come back at all.

But I also know that I'm going through a tough time at the moment and that's probably not putting me in the best frame of mind at the moment.

And so I am officially putting the blog on hold for a while. I realise this post is about a month too late but hopefully it will put to bed one nagging feeling which will be progress for my poor frazzled brain.

I'll be back...


  1. Sorry to hear stuff's still up in the air and rubbish and hard. Completely understand why the blog might be low on the priority list. I can't speak for others but I'll still be here when you can come back :-)

  2. Yes what I want to say is I am here for ya'... Take a break and a breath. I understand. I am still a fan. Ain't gonna leave you :)

  3. I could have written this post myself you know, I too have had so much going on in real life that I neither had the urge to blog nor anything worth blogging. I've even thought about deleting the whole thing ... I may do yet.

    So while I understand how you feel, I for one would love you to start up again when you feel ready as you're one of the most amusing, entertaining and inspirational people on my list.

    Wishing you loads of luck as you make the big move - it may all seem like the only option you have at the moment but I'm sure it'll be the start of something brilliant for you xxxx

  4. Tis a sad day but you know - as time has worn on lots of people have begun disappearing. It takes a lot of effort to write regularly and keep up. I think we had our hay day. Still, I will continue to blog occasionally myself but not like I used to. I haven't got much time these days either. Keep me posted on how you are though! Hope all is well xxx

  5. Even though I have been awful (and I mean seriously rubbish) at keeping up with blog commenting and reading recently, rest assured that even if I'm not not screaming WHY?!, I do miss you! I hope it's not goodbye forever to the blog. I wish you were on Twitter :(


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