Monday, 28 May 2012

Observations of the Unemployed #001

Things that could happen to you when you've been unemployed for some time and have watched a lot of daytime TV:

You could give away all your money as a result of endless adverts urging you to donate money to various charitable causes - neglected children, starving children, just generally sick children.

But it's ok, you can get one of those loans which are a mere 2,567% APR.


  1. That's a crazy amount of interest! Hope you are ok!

  2. perhaps the sick children should get the loan and cut out the middle-you?

    just sayin'.

  3. Eek, two zeros and a one - how many of these observations are you expecting to make?! Less TV more blogging I say - lovely to see you back, hope it becomes more regular xx

  4. Eek. Glad I don't own a tv or the chances of me spending money I don't have while "job free" would be more likely it seems.

    Hang in there.

  5. Yeah, I just end up feeling bad because I don't have any money to donate.


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