Thursday, 31 May 2012

Things that The Person doesn't have in his kitchen

- A peeler

- A grater

- A ladle

- An oven dish

- Kitchen roll (he uses toilet roll instead)

Pretty much every other day The Person gets an e-mail from me going "Am I mad or do you not have?....." followed by him going "Nope" and then a reason as to why he doesn't have said item whilst I sit with my head in my hands at home wondering how the hell I'm going to make a meal this evening.

It's been interesting times in the kitchen...

Edited to add: Add a masher to the list. I just discovered there is no masher.


  1. sigh ... some people eh?

    want me to post you a peeler?

  2. I have this since moving in with Dad - all my kitchenalia is packed away in the loft. Zester, measuring spoons, spaghetti strainer/ladle thing, colander, cake/muffin tins, garlic crusher... There's definitely more than this but I cant think now!

    (But at least he doesn't use toilet roll in the kitchen!! Eek!) x

  3. Toilet roll in the kitchen?! Seriously?! I've just moved in with my boy a couple of months ago, and the kitchen is the only room we have fully stocked! (we spent over £100 in Lakeland just on various baking trays and cake tins... Shhhhh!!)

  4. Toilet roll!! I love it!!!
    Sounds to me like there is a need for a gantt chart to deal with unboying the kitchen project :-)

  5. How can anyone not have a masher? Crazy talk. He must be sneakily hiding these things somewhere surely. No peeler? Really?


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