Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Little Tin Bird Therapy Sessions

Did you know that Heather offers therapy sessions?

It's no secret (probably because I published it on ma blog) that I hit a bit of a stumbling block a while ago. In the midst of this meltdown I got an offer from Heather to come and see her and I decided to take her up on it because

a) I've been meaning to go and see her again since the last time I saw her, and 
b) I wanted to see her because it's not often I get to talk to real live pregnant people.

Little Tin Bird Therapy (TM) Sessions consist of a variety of activities;

  • Allowing me to touch her pregnancy bump
  • Allowing me to ask inane questions about pregnancy
  • Allowing me to chunter about losing my job and how well crap it was
  • A mutual cherry tomato love in
  • A refreshing walk up the mountain that leads to her house
  • A Touch Session of her baby's blanket
  • Allowing me to chunter about my big cat experience
  • A discussion of the greatest programme on earth, Animal Park
  • A Touch Session of itty bitty tiny baby clothes
  • A practice push of her new pram around the room
  • A Touch Session with only slightly scary rabbits
  • Allowing me to repeatedly ask her "And what colour is that?" as I pointed to various shades of Stylecraft yarn in her box
  • A free gift of a set of playing cards with cats on them.

  • A trip to the local yarn shop to buy yarn for a blanket that I will blatantly copy off her

Her prices are very reasonable - all you have to do is wrap a present for her because she's too pregnant to get on the floor and do it.

I have signed up for a course of treatment in the future where activities may also include;
  • Getting to push the baby in the pram and pretend that it's mine

I can highly recommend LTB Therapy (TM) as a means to a happier, more fulfilled life.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic therapy session. I'd sign up for it!

  2. Ooh, this lady sounds like the bestest therapy ever! Good find, keep a hold of her!

  3. Sounds like you got an excellent deal!

  4. Lots of touching of things! Those cat cards are the best!


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