Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Why you shouldn't shop with hungover.

This Saturday I had big plans. I had all of the things to do. I had a mental list going on, I was going to get up bright and early and get. things. done.

On this list there was included:
- Watch the 2nd Proclamation in the city centre (I won't go into it all now. It's to do with Preston Guild which only happens once every 20 years and has been going on since 1179)
- Go to the bank and pay in big cheque (been waiting for ages for it, a refund from train tickets from an interview)
- Go and get bus ticket refunds (because Preston Bus operates a frankly insane system where you have to use correct change)
-  Get some new shoes for work
- Get some new trousers for work

But I was foiled in my plan. My big productive plan all went awry on Friday night when The Person and I went out for a "couple of drinks" to celebrate someone's leaving do. This couple of drinks ended at 1am when we were politely asked to leave the pub because they were closing.

It did cross my mind as I optimistically set my alarm for 8am that this might not be the wisest move I'd ever made but when the morning came round I actually felt pretty good about life. I was up and at them and rearing to go. And yet something meant I wasn't moving as fast as I wanted to.

About halfway into town I realised that my hangover was hitting. I was not fine. I was not feeling good about life. In fact, I was feeling decidedly not cool about life.

After being in town an hour I realised I had full on Wandering Ghost Syndrome. Normally I have this in the house and it's not a problem. You know the feeling - you wander from room to room, wanting to do something but lacking the focus and energy to actually get on with it. But this was bad I had WGS in the city centre of all places.

I should have just called it a day there and then and gone home but my WGS continued until eventually I actually developed the shakes. I was a loss of what to do when Twitter provided me with the answer - I should totally go to McDonalds! One Big Mac later and I was feeling better about life and before long decided to make my way home.

Once home I turned to my mental list of things I wanted to do in town:

- Watch the 2nd Proclamation in the city centre  - Nope. Got there too late to hear the actual proclaiming but I did hear a lovely military band and saw some marching and saw the Paralympic Flame.
- Go to the bank and pay in big cheque - Nope. Left that twat at home - clearly my hangover was kicking in earlier than I realised.
- Go and get bus ticket refunds - Nope. Despite the fact they were in my purse and I got a bus to the bus station.
-  Get some new shoes for work - Nope. Felt too hungover to bend down and take shoes off/put shoes on
- Get some new trousers for work - Nope. Too hungover to go trouser shopping, my most hated of all the shopping.

Instead I came home with:
- 4 nail varnishes
- A cardigan reduced in the sale in Fat Face
- A jumper with cats on from Debenhams.
- A meal deal for two for £10 from M&S



  1. Oh dear. Hope you get to do all the things you missed done this weekend. Still got a £10 meal deal so that is a good thing.

  2. Ha ha :-) this made me laugh! 4 nail varnishes and a jumper with cats on sooo much more fun than shoes and trousers for work! Hurrah to unscheduled hangovers!! ;-)

  3. This sounds oddly familiar... WGS - never heard it called that before but I know exactly what you mean. I have learnt never to organise anything for 'the day after'... you'd think it would be better to learn not to drink so much...

  4. I get the Wandering Ghost Sydrome so bad!! How amazing are the cats in glasses?!!


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