Monday, 17 September 2012

Everything you never wanted to know

So I know that there might be a few new readers that have popped up since I entered the murky depths of Twitter.

I also forget sometimes that though I've been blogging for a long time not everyone actually really knows me and I have a tendency to talk as though everyone obviously knows what I'm referring to.

So I have updated my Things You Need To Know page which will hopefully be a good enough crib sheet to understand a bit more about me.

You can see it on the top right of my homepage or you can click here. 

I think I've covered it all but let me know if you have a burning question and I will try and explain myself.

 (Annoying comment moderation has been removed so you can comment on my posts without needing to tilt your head on one side, squint your eyes and press your face up against the screen)


  1. Great idea. I do exactly the same thing in thinking that everyone has been there from the start. And I assume that every reader has read every single post I've written too...

  2. I removed the comment moderation thingy and immediately I got spam...welcome back comment moderation thingy...a pain but for me, it turned out to be necessary... will check out your other page! xxx

  3. This is a little beckoning finger to say come and visit me...


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