Wednesday, 3 October 2012


So I try really hard to make the best of my bad situation. Also known as The Worst Job in the World. I get on with my work and try hard to get on with my colleagues and generally be good natured.

But my god do I work with some thick people.

Allow me to elaborate.

The other day we had a quiz at work to raise some money for charity. One of the questions was,

"Which artist is responsible for the sculpture The Thinker?"

Then someone pipes up with,

"Bruce Forsyth"


What was more upsetting was not just that she'd said it, but that it was merrily being written down as an answer by someone else. And then when I cried out "No!" Another member of time tried to correct me and demonstrated the pose.

I should have known it wasn't going to get better but I didn't anticipate it getting even worse which it did when the same person piped up with the answer "The Sun" to a question about something having an orbit of so many years.

And don't get me started on the person on another team who thought there was 60cms in a metre and responded to the statement "Is the Pope a Catholic?" with, "I don't know. Is he?"

I also had the pleasure of trying to explain to a colleague why the kettle uses more electricity when you fill it up to the top rather than just putting in what you need. She had genuinely no idea and thought a kettle just used a set amount of energy regardless of the volume of water.

And that is why you may read about me one day in the news. The Girl who went batshit crazy at work.


  1. Hang in there! Must say, I think I'd feel equally 'Ahrgh!' poor you! Strange what knowledge people lack!

  2. Sorry - I laughed! Hang on in there, you are not alone!! xxxx

  3. oh dear.
    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
    Let's hope you can get out of there soon, I'll keep everything crossed for you!

  4. Yeah, they're everywhere, god help us.

    Yesterday a woman in the post office thought the scales were broken because she weighed a parcel which came out at 1914g, and she couldn't work out if that was under 2kg or not. Er, hello?

  5. wow, I feel your pain - these examples are pretty funny though! It is giving you material to write about at least...!

  6. See, I'm worried about a forthcoming quiz at work for the exact opposite reason: most of my workmates are PhD-qualified physicists. I'm not convinced my arty fartiness will stand up to them. Probably less frustrating than your experience. I know what I'm in for!

  7. Either you have the patience of a saint or a decent prescription... If it's the latter, hook me up with the person doling out said prescription, because I'm struggling to deal with chefs who whinge at me because the have no money, then turn down the extra work we offer them...

  8. As I survivor of a few jobs from hell I can tell you hang in there, eventually it will all be a funny story!

    Also, at least your coworkers are just dumb and not mean. I once had a coworker tell me that I shouldn't bother with career aspirations as a history degree was worthless.


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