Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How Running and I fell out (and then got back together)

Running and I had a pretty major falling out at the beginning of this year. Like a serious shouting, screaming, throwing things at each other falling out.

I didn't really understand how our relationship had got to that point - for years and years we'd hated each other, couldn't loathe to have anything to do with another but then we'd turned a corner and realised that actually we got on pretty well. In fact, we got on really well. Before I knew it we were having early morning and late evening get togethers. We were out on weekends together and frolicking in the rain. We even ran the Race for Life last year and celebrated afterwards.

I liked the way that Running made me feel. He made me feel good about myself. I felt energised and healthy and he played a huge part in helping me lose all my weight. I was so excited about our relationship that I ignored the major huge flashing warning signs that kept cropping up...

...Shin splints.

Many people get them and many people complain of them and everyone has them in varying degrees. I had killer shin splints. And only in my left leg. When it flared up I couldn't even have my trousers resting against them, let alone an ice pack, the swelling was gross and even when I could bear to touch them, a lump would remain. I saw a podiatrist, who gave me some insoles. I saw a physiotherapist, who gave me some exercises.

It was basically couple's therapy. And Running and I failed at it. The pain got too bad, having to start again at the beginning each time  they flared up was too irritating and eventually Running and I parted ways.

But I just couldn't give up on him. Especially seeing as I'd made a Not Really Resolution this year to run 10k and even more especially because my weight was slowly piling back on and I was going to 10ton tessie before I knew where I was.

Who knew that unemployment would have a silver lining? I suddenly had plenty of time to go out and have a run. I even lived near the Docks, which handily is 2.5km around the perimeter - almost a sign some would say.

So I did what I knew I had to and started from the very beginning. I spent a week only running 1km. Then ran 2.5km. Then ran 3.5km and before I knew it, I was back not only running 5km. It was a long and difficult journey that Running and I took though. It wasn't easy. Back last year, when I first started running, all I was doing was improving and therefore had the incentive to carry on, now I was back at the beginning again it was tough because my brain was vicious and would spend the whole time screaming at me, "YOU SUCK! YOU USED TO BE ABLE TO RUN 5KM AND NOW YOU CAN ONLY DO 3.5KM. GIVE UP GIVE UP GIVE UP GIVE UP."

For reals. My brain is well tough on me sometimes.

But Running and I stuck together through thick and thin and before I knew it our relationship was back on track again. And even better, I was running and not experiencing any issues with my shin splints.

I am at a complete loss to explain why my shin splints have gone away. Maybe all the professionals were right and I really did just need to be patient and build up slowly. However I much prefer my theory that the pavements in Preston are somehow squishier than those in Hull. It's just more fun that way.

Running and I soon found ourselves in such a good place that we knew we could take it to the next level and before I knew it - I had 10k in my sights....

To be continued...


  1. YAY! So happy for you :) Now I just need to sort out my hip busitis and wee can start training for the 2013 Zoo Series!

  2. Ooo I am interested to hear the second part! I love hearing people talk about running...I just don't think I can do


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