Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Crazy Cat Lady Part 23 - Blinky on the Bed.

I've had a breakthrough of sorts with Blinky. As I'm sure you'll remember I live with mean cat who hates everyone and although I've been trying my hardest to make her like me, I have slowly come to the realisation that Blinky is never going to be a normal cat. She is most definitely at the wrong end of the autistic spectrum and although she's pretty high functioning there's definitely something not quite right when it comes to her personality.

I've continued with my plan of taking over the feeding of her in the hopes that we will foster a relationship and I've had a small, but significant breakthrough and Blinky now sleeps on my bed most nights.

However, before you tilt your head on one side and go "Awww how cute, what a lovely little kitty she is sleeping all curled up on the bed" you must remember that this is Blinky and she is not. normal.

It goes a little something like this...

1. I pad about my nest getting ready for bed whilst Blinky sits outside my bedroom door on the landing, hunched up and miserable looking.

2. I pick Blinky up and gently place her on my bed.

3. Blinky gets off my bed and goes back and sits hunched up on the landing

4. I close my door over, get in bed and call to Blinky to come in.

5. Blinky ignores me.

6. I turn my light out and lie very still.

7. 30 seconds later Blinky boots my door open and jumps on my bed, settling at the very very end and looking as if she doesn't want to be there.

8. I get back out of bed to close over the door she's managed to shove wide open.

9. I tickle Blinky on the head until she purrs and I can pretend she's like a real cat.

10. Blinky sleeps at the end of the bed for the whole night.

11. My alarm goes off in the morning.

12. Blinky immediately jumps off bed and goes and sits hunched up on the landing.

13. I come out of my room and Blinky ignores me, pretending the night before never happened.

14. I feel used.

It's not a happy story.

An example of what happens at the end of my bed each night whilst I lie still, terrified of moving in case I disturb her.


  1. Sounds like she is very nervous to me. did your sister get her as an adult? I wonder if she was mistreated before your sister got her.

    We have a very nervous cat who originally wouldn't go near the bed, but now, if it's cold, she will sleep on my pillow (and sometimes actually draped over my head) which gives me a crick in the neck but at least it shows progress!

    1. Nope she got her as a kitten - she has ALWAYS been like this from the get go! She's just not a cat that particularly likes to be touched or shown affection to!

  2. She sounds hilarious. My boy cat only likes to be petted on his terms, if he's not in the mood for affection he looks at me with such disgust!

    You're obviously her favourite hoomin!

  3. Buy your sister a new kitten as a thank you for having me present. and then adopt it as yours. mu hahaha.

  4. It's quite a funny story though. I think you're always going to feel used on some level as a cat owner!

  5. Aw, Blinky. It does seem as if progress has been made and in Blinky terms it's probably the regular cat equivalent of extreme affection.

  6. I've had whole relationships that play out in exactly the same way :)


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