Saturday, 23 February 2013

Crazy Cat Lady Part 24: I can like dogs too.

Although I do have to deal with the daily pain of living with a cat that doesn't return my love, there is something that pretty much makes up for it.

In fact, there's two somethings.

Everyone meet, Rowan,

and Rosie.

In case you're not up to scratch on your dog breeds, Rowan & Rosie are Irish Setters, a slightly more mad breed when it comes to dogs.

Rowan is getting on a wee bit now, she's a stately lady and quite happy to sleep most of the day. She is also my bezzie. I was around at my sister's quite a bit when they first got Rowan, (in fact I was there the day she was brought home) so she knows me of old. She's always got extra excited when I come to visit and now  that I live here, I'm not going to lie, she pretty much loves it a lot.

She likes to be with me as much as possible, which is lovely, especially coming as a direct contrast to Blinky's deliberate aloofness to my general presence. And whereas Blinky only deigns to come on my bed when she thinks I'm asleep, Rowan will take any chance she can take to lie on it. Which would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that I live in the box room, with a single bed, and she is kind of a massive dog.

I'm too much of a softy though and rather than kick her off, I try and fit myself around her somehow which can lead to situations like this photo - which I took at 4.20am one day the other week...

For those who wanted to know, I fit in on my side along the wall

I try to not let it happen too often, although I can sleep anywhere and anyhow it doesn't make for an amazing night's sleep - but all too often I wake up with an extra body in the bed, with my arm around her and her head on my pillow.

Rosie is still a puppy. And oh how she is a puppy. She is a one puppy destroying machine. She will chew and eat anything and everything left within reach - which, even when you're a puppy - is pretty high up for an Irish Setter. She has plenty of toys, she has all the toys in the world, and these are all destroyed too - many a time you come downstairs to a room filled with toy stuffing whilst Rosie chews and bites and guts her latest toy. 

She also likes plastic bottles, cans and the other day ate a tube of lip gloss.

In short, she's fairly stupid, as the picture below demonstrates...

Her one enjoyment in life is tormenting Rowan senseless. She may be a puppy but she is Little Miss Dominant and although we do our best to leave them to it, sometimes you have to intervene just to give Rowan a moment's peace.

There is something rather wonderful about being greeted as warmly as Rowan and Rosie do whenever I come in from work/walk down the stairs/come out of the toilet and although I still love cats for their true independence it's nice to have the best of both worlds.


  1. My dad's parents kept Irish Setters (before my time) and had a particularly stupid one called Flynn who set his tail on fire by standing too close to the gas fire and didn't notice until he tried to sit down . . .

  2. They sound wonderful, and great pics! How can you deny a dog and warm bed? I'd totally snuggle up!

  3. awww...cuties! My favourite doggie Blake died this Friday so I feel a bit sad about dogs right now...but they are lovely xxx

  4. Aww Rowan and Rosie are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  5. Ha that is one of the best photos I've ever seen of a dog!


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