Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Read-a-thon

Oh hai Easter how are you?

I was as giddy as a giddy thing yesterday. Partly because I had a can of Coke, partly because it is one week until my birthday and partly because I now have a week off work and won't be back until Monday 8th April.


Oh yeah, I know I was freaking out about turning 30 and I totally still am a little bit but now this has been taken over with just intense excitement for my birthday. I have never met a single person who gets as excited about their birthday, who is above the age of 10, as I do. I love them and that is 100% down to presents. I'm a horrid little spoilt bint at heart and I love presents. I don't mind how big they are or how much money was spent, as long as it is wrapped in paper I am ALL IN.

So anyhoo. Easter.

Mumsie and The Person are coming down my sister's later today and will be here for the weekend until I head back to Preston on Easter Monday for the rest of my birthday week. I reckon turning 30 deserves a week of celebrations.

There is quite a bit going on but there will also be a good old load of relaxing and when I read about Nose in a Book's Easter Read-a-thon I thought that was definitely something I would like to take part in.

I don't do anywhere near enough reading as I would like to. I get bizarrely overwhelmed with guilt when I read outside of lying in bed before I go to sleep. I feel like it's being a bit indulgent and I should be doing something much more worthwhile with my time, like watching crap telly.

It is also of great annoyance to me that I've never found a way to read at the same time as crocheting - audio books don't work for me because I cannot keep my concentration on focus on what's happening.

So I am going to indulge in some reading this Easter.

I will not be storming through a pile of books like Kate will. In fact I'd be surprised if I get through one but this about fun ok? 

In fact I shall start by well and truly breaking the rules and stating that I'm totally counting the reading that I did last night because as far as I'm concerned, Easter started when I left work on Thursday and I read my book really hard last night and I want it to count.

All I have are the books that are with me here at my sister's and somehow, I've amassed quite the little pile even though I'm only allowed to buy a total of 12 books this year...

The main one I'm focusing on is Dominion - I've had this on the go for quite some time now and it's not the most portable of books so I would like to take advantage of being at home to have a power through. I made good headway last night and I have high hopes that my main achievement of the Easter Read-a-thon will be finishing  this.

If I do manage to finish it then it'll probably be on to Toby's Room as this has been lent to me and whilst I like it when people lend me books it causes me a lot of stress as I feel like I have to read that book immediately and I have eleventy billlion of my own books to read. So it would be nice to get Toby's Room read and then I can move on to my own.

Unfortunately everything I have with me here at my sister's is rather chunky so I don't think you'll be able to come back after Easter and see me boasting about the numbers of books I've read. Maybe I'll just count the number of pages read?


I should be reading not blogging - be on your way.


  1. I started yesterday too, nothing wrong with that. :-)

    Have a fun reading weekend!

  2. I totally intended to do 52 books in 52 weeks and I am woefully behind on this endeavour, 3 months later. I may try for one this weekend.

  3. Ooh this is a great idea! I've not long finished HHhH and it's great- it took me a while, but I did really enjoy it. And I totally know what you mean about the stress of people lending you books!

    Have a lovely Easter weekend :) x

  4. I have packed a MASSIVE stack of books for when I go away next week. No clothes yet, just books.

  5. I thought that I might start the bird cross stitch this weekend... Although I do have a mountain of books to read too! Why does there have to be so much stress attached to relaxing? My Mother-in-law-to-be (but not yet because we're not engaged or anything) lent me the three Girl With A Dragon Tattoo books ages ago and I had them for so long I forced myself to read them to ease the guilt of having had them for so long. Relaxing huh? I'm a muppet.
    Enjoy your reading x

  6. In fairness Dominion is probably the size of four of the books I plan to read put together. Yay, for relaxing with books! Have a lovely lovely weekend.

  7. Do we share a birthday??? I'm April 4th. I wish I was turning 30! ;0)

  8. I keep buying books, I only have a few left to read now!

    Maria xxx

  9. Totally agree with you on the crocheting while reading thing, wish I could do both together, it would solve so many problems! (Well, two, mainly...)


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