Saturday, 13 July 2013

Friday night's round My Nest*

Some people have crazy Friday nights out - drinking and dancing and hopping their way around pubs and clubs.

Some people have crazy Friday nights in - drinking and dancing around the living room with mates.

But this person has another way of spending her Friday nights...

Catching up on The Archers...

...and learning how to French Braid my hair (how have I never learned how to do this until now?!)

Don't be jealous of my crazy lifestyle kids.


*"The Nest?! The Nest?! What is this crazy woman talking about?" I hear you say - well The Nest is where I live - you can read about it here


  1. oh how i wish i could make one like that myslef!! Any tutarial you have followed?

  2. How bizarre, in France we call them African braids??!

  3. just read your Nest post, I'm ashamed to say I am so dreadfully messy that I think my floordrobe may be bigger than your floor :(
    Mighty impressed with your French braid, its so neat! x

  4. Your hair looks awesome like this, wish I could do it!

    Maria xxx

  5. Funnily enough I spent Friday evening catching up on The Archers and cleaning the kitchen. Such a glam lifestyle! x

  6. I don't know how to french braid either - not that my hair is long enough for it at the min!

  7. Next step...fishtail braid :)

  8. er can you teach me how to french braid my hair as I keep trying and keep arms get all confused and go the wrong directions when I look in the mirror!!!!

  9. Excellent braiding skills, you need to try a fishtail braid... I got utterly confused and failed miserably!
    My Friday nights rock, I write a shopping list and sort out laundry woohoo!

  10. Your Friday night, is my Monday morning! Archers omnibus downloaded and listened to on the bus to work :)
    I've never mastered a French pleat either, far too complicated for me!

  11. I am a giant Archers fan, I try to listen to it the following mornign at work.

  12. My crazy night last night- special body scrub in the shower, a shit ton of moisturiser post body scrub, jersey shorts, my Kindle and in bed by 2130.


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