Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Undramatic Dramatic Blog Post

What I'm about to say probably won't come as much of a surprise, given my lack of blogging over the past couple of months.

I'm taking a step away from blogging for a wee while.

The reasons are many and few.

1) Things got a little stressy here at the end of June with a health scare (not mine) and a job scare (mine) and I didn't want to blog
2) I went on holiday to Corfu
3) Work went mental
4) The Person and I moved up to my town and into a new flat

But basically I've just fallen out of love with it.

I've been quite vocal about the fact that I'm not hugely enjoying the "blogging world" at the moment and I'd rather not be part of it until I can work out what it is I really want to do with it. And seeing as I don't want to become another sponsored blog whore and I don't want to take photos of myself wearing the 4 pieces of clothing I own, I don't really know what to do.

So it's time to take a break.

It will almost certainly not be permanent, I think I like this game too much to give it up completely, but a re-think and an overhaul and a reboot is needed.

I'm still kind of hanging about and trying to comment on blogs (although I still mourn the demise of Google Reader daily. Feedly and Bloglovin' make me want to get stabby) and I'm definitely still on that there Twitter (@Shippers1983 if you want to have a natter) but for now, this little corner of the internet will be a bit silent.

Catch you on the flipside.


  1. I've felt exactly the same about blogging and so had an extended time away - about a year. The nice thing though is that when you decide to go back to it most people start reading and supporting you again straight away. Hope everything calms down and you're soon settled in your new home! x

  2. Aw no, I really enjoy your posts! Selfishly, I hope you want to make a comeback soon :) x

  3. Oh booo :( As Sophie said, selfishly - you're one of my total faves! I can definitely relate though. Hope all is well health- and job-wise xxx

  4. Ditto! Catch you on twitter...

  5. I will miss your blogs! :( I know what you mean though, sometimes I just feel like jacking it all in. Hope everything is OK

    Maria xxx

  6. Um, so long and thanks for all the fish? Oh, wait, that's already been used. But thank you for the posts, for sharing. Hope all goes well in your life and that you'll be back.

  7. I hope you do return, and soon. Most lifestyle and fashion blogs bore me and I far prefer personal ones - it's okay to have the odd sponsored post or fashion post but I can't really read a blog made up only of those.

  8. I'm sad about this. You are one of few bloggers who I feel writes with an 'authentic' voice. As I become increasingly disillusioned with other bloggers who seem to be selling their souls to PR companies, I really valued the fact that you were not the usual lifestyle blogger. I hope you do return sometime, but in the meantime good luck!

  9. Alas! You are like the main blog I read these days as like you I have grown blog weary a bit...I still write obviously but I do feel sometimes like the 'blog whores' (as you say) is where it is at with their professional looking photos and gloss... and I haven't got the energy for that. I just have enough for a personal diary really...which is what blogging has become for me but even this I question a bit... Maybe we're a little burnt out after 5

  10. Mega sad face. I will miss your fashion blogger prowess (you've got those poses DOWN), but don't be a stranger, please. You regularly make my day.

  11. Awww! I've been away on holiday and just discovered this. So sad. Hope all is well health and job-wise, and best of luck to you both as you start this new chapter of your lives.

  12. Aww I just found your blog through Alex's A Blogging Good Read and I was disappointed to see this but as a sporadic blogger myself, I can wholly understand why you're taking a break.

    I don't fit into the whole fashion blogger scene either, but there's definitely a place for hilarious general musings or thoughts. They're worth their place too :) Plus I get bored of reading blogs that just make me want to buy things ;)

  13. Fair enough but still sad to hear. I guess it's easier when you have a book blog or fashion blog or whatever else topic but when it's all about your own life, it's more complicated. I hope the move went well and that your job is now secure and life is generally happy. Take care, x

  14. And here is me, just back after my two week..err two year break! Hope you come back, yours was one of the first blogs I looked for! :) I am still at, but the name has changed to the cock-eyed arty miss... ha ha.. I know miss! Artistic licence! xx


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