Saturday, 21 December 2013

A very old Christmas Wish List

I have seen many of the Christmas wish lists posts floating about on many blogs over this past festive month and I wondered if I would join in.

But then I realised that I don't really know how to do one of those collage posts (and I should really because Bonjour Blogger totally has a post on how to do collages, helpful blog that it is), nor is there anything really post-worthy that I would want. Books. Any books. Just get me some books, yeah?

As fortune would have it, I don't need to write a wish list. I can just show you this one;

When down visiting my Dad and his wife at the end of November, he presented me with a letter which he had found.

It was a letter I had written to Father Christmas. It has no date on it, although I could probably take a stab looking at the items on there. All Dad could tell me was that he knew I definitely didn't get anything that I'd put on this list for Christmas that year.

I did eventually end up with a couple of things on there, I think they were birthday presents, so goodness knows what happened this particular year. But luckily for me it is still here to share today.

For those who find it difficult to read my pencil scrawl, this is the letter in its entirety:

Dear Father Christmas,

This is what you may be able to bring me at Christmas [so polite and yet to the point!]

A pair of slippers 
[starting sensibly you see, you don't go in with the big demands first]
The Penny swimming pool
Dream Dance Barbie
or, three wishes Sindy,
Paint me a picture Sindy
some boots, shoes, roller boots for Barbie,
and some clothes for Barbie,
A girls world head,
a shell suit,
a teenage mutant hero turtle t-shirt
a teenage mutant hero turtle glove puppet,

I have a feeling that this was a draft letter that I wrote out before writing a neat version to send off to Father Christmas.

There was one thing that I wanted more than anything on this list and I know a request was made on more than one Christmas list and birthday list over the years.

A Girl's World Head.

Oh how I dreamed that I would have that frankly weird head that I could slather make up on and backcomb it's horrible hair. I had a friend who always had the coolest toys - she had one of those Mr Frosty machines and she had a Sega Megadrive - and I would go round to her house and not so secretly covet it, but it was never meant to be.

Nor sadly was my request for a shell suit which was another long-standing wish list attendee. It does mean I have no hideous photos of me in the 90s wearing one though...

I did eventually end up with a Spirograph so, you know, don't feel too sorry for me.


Also, remember when they were called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles instead of Ninja because they thought if they called it that we'd all turn violent from watching it? Fun times.


  1. Amazing- when my parents finally started unpacking stuff in their new house, they found similar such items from my own childhood. Oh nostalgia...

  2. I knew them as hero not ninja! Ah, what a lovely piece if your past.
    You and me both never got shell suits - so grateful now...
    I was given my Dad's old Spirograph, fun x

  3. My husband is always amused by the difference in what the Turtles were called between the US and the UK when we were growing up - they were still called Ninja Turtles in the US.

    I'm glad you eventually got the spirograph - I loved mine, never could do anything remotely fantastic with it but loved playing with it all the same.

  4. Great wishlist! Oh my sister and I had one of those Girls World Head's. You're right, they were weird and their hair was horrible.

  5. Oh man I had a lot of that stuff, I was one spoiled child tho ;) so sad you never got the Girls World head tho, I wanna send you one!

  6. I was scared of those Girls world heads. ALL my friends had them. I think the reason I am so useless with my hair is that I never wanted to play with hair as a child. Totally remember hero instead of Ninja. I saw the cartoon before the film so it always confused me!

  7. I scalped my Girls World. I escaped the shell suit trend only to have to wear one when I got my first Saturday job and this was long after they were fashionable - the shame!
    What a great thing to have and keep.


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