Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Meet the gerbils

Name: Tyrion Lannister

Age: 6 months

Occupation: Gerbil and Chief Digger

Hobbies: Digging, sitting in my food bowl, grooming my broseph.

Most likely to say: "Got any toilet roll tubes on you?"

Name: Ser Jorah Mormont

Age: 6 months

Occupation: Gerbil and Chief Nest Builder

Hobbies: Nest building, Eating, running on my wheel, climbing

Most likely to say: "Got any pumpkin seeds on you?"


This may seem like an odd blog post hot on the heels of my last one but I do have more to say on that. I just don't want this blog to read like an angsty teenager's diary...


Go on. Say something. You know you want to...