Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Interesting January

As part of my Not Really Resolution for 2014 I said that I would aim to do one interesting thing each month. This was in an attempt to get me out of the house and seeing people and not sitting at home and letting myself fall into the Vortex of Doom.

January got off to a flying start thanks  to the chance to go to London for a work-related dinner. There was a point where I nearly pulled out as it turned out I was the only person going but I decided to be a very brave person and just get on with it. I'm 30 and that means going out and doing things out of my comfort zone, not sitting and whingeing like a baby that I can't do things by myself. Get a grip woman.

As it turns out I wasn't really alone, for I had with me my armour in the shape of my beloved Vivien of Holloway dress.

I bought this dress for our work's Christmas party - I've been hankering to own one for a long long time but didn't really have an occasion/reason to buy one. That's where working in corporate land comes in handy - black tie occasions. I swooped and snapped one up in a terribly sensible navy colour, but I bought a bright pink petticoat to go with it, I can't be totally corporate you know.

I love this dress more than life itself. The second you put it on you are surrounded by the overwhelming urge to spin and spin and spin. And spin. You also feel like a lovely lady which is not something I often feel like, being a little scratbag in jeans most of the time.

But most importantly, when I put this dress on it I feel pretty damn good. Good enough to walk into a cocktail reception on my own, with my head held high and network like a pro. Chat chat chat, booze booze booze. It's not so bad once you get on with it. And the dress actually helps - people like this dress, they want to comment on it and when they do, boom, there's your opener to have a conversation.

Good work dress. Good work.

My dress of armour/dessert/champage/late night hot dog - best idea ever

On it's own I feel like this one thing would have counted as my interesting thing for this month, but it just kept...getting...better.

As I knew I was going to be in London I thought to my little self "Who do I know who lives in London" and I hit upon it immediately - Chloe lives in London-town doesn't she?! A few tweets and texts later and we had a plan in place. Chloe took on the admirable task of feeding a fuzzy-headed, champagne-hanging me. I took on the admirable task of getting from Hammersmith across to the other side of London, in no way aided by the London Underground who had helpfully chosen that day to close the Tube to Chloe's house.

It's almost as if London Transport has absolutely no regard for my plans sometimes.

I feel bad that I didn't visit something whilst in London, I always feel like I ought to because it's so rare that I get to go there, but I count lunch with a friend and a Tube adventure as something interesting.

I also came into St Pancras International via a different entrance and was floored by walking smack bang into the biggest statue I've ever seen. I have absolutely no idea how I've missed it before, given the number of times I come into St Pancras because it is hard to miss.

Discovering something new I hadn't seen before in London? Counts as something interesting.

The Meeting Place/standard blogger photos of St Pancras International ceiling

But wait.

It doesn't stop there.

After coming back from London I dropped my stuff off at home and went to meet Char who was actually in my home town. I know. No-one comes here. No-one is ever here. Even I don't want to be here.

What do you do when someone comes to your home town? Well you suggest you go for dinner in a lovely bar which serves your raw burgers....No. Not my finest moment. Of course, in all the times I've visited this place and had the burger they've never been raw but the one time you bring someone there...

We were brave and resisted our British instincts to not make a fuss and just eat the raw burger and sent them back at which point they returned with a core temperature which was basically the same as the surface of the sun. 

Unfortunately, as the third exciting thing to have happened to me in 24 hours, Char didn't get the best of me but I managed to avoid faceplanting with tiredness onto the table thanks to a well-timed pint of Coke.

Most importantly about this meeting though is that whilst Char was waiting for me to get my backside back from London she took the opportunity to look around my home town and she is now my witness when I say that there is nothing here. So next time you hear me complaining and roll your eyes and go "It can't possibly be that bad" I'm sending you to Char who will confirm that yes, yes it is that bad.


So there you have it. 2014 is off to a brilliant start - fancy dinner in London plus a meeting up of two special internet friends in two different places - good work January.


  1. Your home town isn't so bad...it has YOU in it! <3
    But yeah, other than that slightly cheesy line, nothing much there. Except the is-it-isn't-it charity shop. That amused me.

  2. I never really appreciated that statue at St Pancras until I was suddenly in the position of doing lots of greetings and lots of goodbyes at railway stations across Europe. Now I'm really fond of it, because it reminds me of how my heart would lift when Thomas got off his train (I prefer not to think of how my heart would sink when he got back on it).

  3. Sounds like a great weekend and your dress is lovely! x

  4. Oh! I've been there and it has a CASTLE. Admittedly not much else except that and a charity shop but, y'know, castleage is always a good thing.

    What's the plan for February?

  5. Glad to see your face. Glad you enjoyed my wonderous storage- which FYI it looks like I'll be staying to enjoy for another 14 months *happy dance*. Also, the dress is hotness!

  6. Loving that dress-I'm on the lookout for wedding dress ideas and would love that but sadly I think I'm probably faaaar too old-looks fantastic on you!!

  7. I LOVE your Voh!!! My wedding dress for the reception was a white VoH with turquoise stars! WIsh I'd gone for a turquoise petticoat though- I see with yours, contrast in colour really sets it off!!!
    Soo cool you got to see Char! I'd love to meet her in real life!

    That statue is amazing, isn't it. We had lunch at the pub just behind the statue just before Christmas and we scrutinized it for ages. The glasses were weird, I thought!

    Anyway, I do hope you are well and happy and thought I'd pay you a new year visit!x

  8. I LOVE that dress! And the pink petticoat! And the silver shoes!

    I'm now intrigued, I can't remember where you live...

  9. Awesome January so far I think. And you look great in that dress; the pink petticoat was the best idea!


  10. Isn't it always the way that everything has to happen at once? What a great start to the year, how are you going to top it?
    Dress.is.fabulous!! And I love that you bought a late night hot dog wearing it a every bit a lady ;-)

  11. That dress is gorgeous and it really does look beautiful on you, especially with that beautiful petticoat!

    Maria xxx

  12. Ah glad to hear you had a nice time and that dress definitely rocks! You go girl! Very pretty lady! xxx


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