Sunday, 2 February 2014

What I've been doing whilst I haven't been blogging

Oh it's February...

How did that happen.

I have a brain which is full to the brim of things I want to blog about (mostly involving gerbils) and I know that there have been many times when I've said to myself "You need to sit down and get your blog on woman", but for some reason, even switching on my laptop has been an effort.

One thing I have not been doing though is sitting on my bum and feeling sorry for myself you will be relieved to hear.

Things I have been doing include:


2013 was over-shadowed at the end of the year reading-wise by some fairly weighty tomes that took up all my time. Vanity Fair took me a ridiculous almost three months to read - although that was because I kept dipping in and out of it. When I wasn't reading Vanity Fair I was starting to make my way through George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series (also known as Game of Thrones to TV fans). If you've never seen them before they are whacking great door stops of books.

I decided to take a break after reading the first three books - the third of which is so large it's split into two massive books - in January and raced through three books in the first three weeks. This is mainly because the sum total of pages of these three books probably adds up to one Game of Thrones book.

After finishing Heft, I have turned back to George RR Martin and I am currently reading A Feast for Crows - this means my book tally for February is going to be a low one.


After my Not Really Resolution to eat more vegetarian meals I have been spending time looking for interesting veggie recipes.

This is the trouble I find with vegetarian meals. They are often terribly uninspiring and it's been harder than I thought it would be for a variety of reasons.

However I've made a good dent and am four meals down.

From top left: Blue cheese & pesto pasta / Tortilla / Mushroom & Spinach pasta / Lentil bolognese


This is the main reason that I have not been blogging.

I have been crocheting like a wild woman in 2014. A couple of people at work had found out about the amigurumi stuff I was doing and asked me to bring the books in to work so they could have a look. Before I knew it, the books had been passed around work and the books came back to me with little bits of paper sticking out all over them.

I think the order book was at about 12 items so I've been head down.

January's output is this so far:

 Dinosaur & cat from this book / Monkey from this book / Seal, goat and bee from this book 

 Actually I'm quite impressed with myself. Pat on the back for me.

The dinosaur is by far and away my favourite I love him and I want an excuse to make him again. The cat was also a favourite although all the colour changing to make his face did make me want to poke my eyes out a little bit. Bee was super quick to make up, until I got to his wings, which are made out of a super annoying fluffy wool but I'm very proud of myself for not swearing once whilst making them up.

Oh and actually I made two goats this month so add another one on to the total.

It's hard to crochet and blog. It's impossible to crochet and read which is something which I find really annoying. Unfortunately audio books don't work for me, I can't concentrate on them. What I have done is watched a vast amount of absolutely terrible television whilst creating all this output.

Still left to make:
- Horse x2
- Elephant x2
- Panda x1
- Octopus x1

Who knows, eventually I might be able to crochet something for myself one day.


  1. Wow you get a lot of crocheting done in a month - you put me to shame!

  2. Nice hearing about your month- wow, well done on the book and the amigurumi animals are realllllyy impressive!x

  3. Well that's crocheting is amazing - you've been super-productive. Looks like you made the most of the most miserable month! x

  4. So when are you getting a website for all your crocheting skillz? Etsy is good for that sort of thing, you could link it all over people's online faces to get traffic through. Although, it seems like you have your hands full with just word of mouth at the moment, you're doing alright so maybe I should take my business hat off.

    The dinosaur is ace.

    Also, persevere with the veggie stuff, there is a world beyond pasta!! Have you considered veggie meat substitutes or are you going along a more veggie veggie route? Bean burritooos!

    It is February and I have yet to finish one book. For shame.

    1. Bean burritos for the win! And bean quesadillas. Basically, anything Mexican still rules even when veggie. There was a great recipe on Pretty Much Penniless for chilli spinach quesadillas the other day:

  5. just something to add to your thinking pot - check out evelyn waugh - Scoop. I found it hilarious, (hubby v embarrassed by my snorting out loud whilst reading on train), and bonus points for its short(ish) length.

    Love your dinosaur - think you need to crochet him a family….

    best wishes

  6. Ugh I just started the second book and it's SO BIG I just can't get my head around it yet. But I'm obsessed! I love the seal, he's has a funny wee face ;)

  7. Oooh I picked up a copy of Vile Bodies in a charity shop for 25p, it was hardback too. No idea where I've put it, you're inspired me to track it down tonight.
    I've been very busy cooking and going out walking so I'm only posting occasionally. It's lovely to not be attached to my computer.

  8. Your crochet dinosaur is awesome!

  9. Re veggie meals - see of you can get Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall Veg Everyday out of the library. some really good ideas. Lucy

  10. I'm back on a reading kick as well and find it equally difficult to sit down and blog, even though I have ideas! Do you read paper versions or on an e-reader? I'm probably going to give A Song of Ice and Fire a go but it seems like such a massive undertaking, I need to psyche myself up a bit!

    Yup, the dinosaur is pretty awesome!

    Oh and if you like beans, this is one of my favourite vegetarian meals:

    Jen |

  11. I am massively jealous of your crocheting skills, the things you make are lovely!

    Maria xxx

  12. When I first started cutting meat out of my diet, I missed it terribly and felt very short-changed (especially when eating out). The more time has passed, and the longer the vegan has lived here, the less I miss it. Now, on the rare ocassion I eat meat, I often feel quite unwell. But we do use a lot of meat substitutes - soy mince, Linda McCartney sausages (absolutely ace - so meaty!), and this incredible vegan soya chicken we can only seem to get in the Netherlands - so I guess that's why I don't miss it much.

  13. Your crocheting skills are amazing, I've tried it before and couldn't even make the first loop!


  14. Amigurumi is highly addictive. Yours are so cute.

  15. I'm still loving the crochet skills. Most impressive.

    Persevere with the veggie. There's honestly a lot of great tasty meat-free recipes. I'm a particular fan of risotto (mixed mushrooms or spring vegetable - saffron is the key), Moroccan chickpea stew (our recipe varies every time but it's along the lines of or and homemade pizza.


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