Thursday, 20 February 2014

Gerbil parents

Let me tell you, I probably shouldn't have children you know.

I've heard all the parents talk about how the love you feel for your child is like no other, yada yada.

I just don't think I'd be able to handle it.

If loving your child is a greater love than the love I currently feel for my gerbils then I just don't think my mind and body could take it.

Because I really love these gerbils guys. Like really.

I live and breathe these little gerbils - I think about them an abnormal amount during my days, specifically whether they are having a happy gerbil life and we are being good gerbil parents and giving them everything that they need.

We have only been gerbil parents for just under 4 months and we are devoted.

And really, how could you not be when there's this little face looking at you?

Probably about 65% of mine and The Person's conversations revolve around the gerbils in some way.

Behind the sofa there is an ever growing pile of 'gerbil stuff' - not just the bedding for their gerbilarium - but a box with what are basically toys. The toys are rotated in to the cage regularly in order to keep their gerbil brains busy and there is a little stockpile of gerbil treats for when they are very good gerbils.

They have an exercise ball and an exercise wheel. A seesaw. A cube with holes in. A cottage. Half a coconut as a little house. Two bendy stick bridges. Various tubes. Empty toilet rolls.

Basically if you've seen it at Pets at Home, we've more than likely spent our hard earned cash on it.

We've hit every gerbil-based website that the internet has to offer in an attempt to ensure that we are feeding our gerbils the right thing, housing them in the best habitat, giving them the best playtime, handling them in the best way, and so on and so on.

And last night I a lightbulb moment and put "Gerbils" in the search function of Pinterest...

But for all our stressing I am pretty certain that we are good gerbil owners - I mean, this guy looks pretty happy doesn't he?

You know those people who have babies and then blog about nothing but their babies?

Expect a lot of gerbil posts.

Sorry I'm not sorry.


  1. Haha, I'm sure that you are being a wonderful gerbil parent. I think sometimes that searching online for advice about pet-keeping can make you a little paranoid in the same way as googling your symptoms can. I have been on tortoise forums where I've had differing views on whether I was doing things right from different people and it's stressful!!

  2. Pets are better than babies though.

    More gerbil posts please! They are brilliant. I tend to make odd "heeeeee" noises when I see photos of their amazing cuteness :D

  3. Bring on #gbloggers!

    Hubby doesn't want any pets so I'll get my pet fix from your posts if that's ok.

  4. He looks like he is clapping his little hands - paws?

  5. GERBILS! Keep it up, I want more Gerbil Posts and I kinda want some gerbils too.

  6. Well, they are adorable! So I don't blame you. And don't be sorry. :)

    Jen |


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