Sunday, 2 November 2014

Life lately

Time marches on regardless of whether you want it to or not and for the most part Tuesdays are now just Tuesdays (for the most part anyway).

I took everyone's advice and tried to keep busy and it's been great, although part of me wonders whether the keeping busy is just a way of keeping your thoughts at bay. This weekend was the first one in a few where there was nothing planned and as soon as Friday morning hit I started to feel a little sad at the thought of an endless weekend stretched out ahead of me with no-one to have fun with.

I have entertained myself over the past few weeks as much as possible though and the time feels ripe for a life lately mega photo round up kind of post.

So life lately has consisted of:

1. Gerbils

These guys need a post all of their own really and they will get one in time. In the meantime however enjoy a small round up of recent photos due to me celebrating one whole year of gerbil ownership. I called it my Gerbilversary,

(Form an orderly queue gentleman)

2. Rabbit

I live very close to someone from work and have become the official go-to person for rabbit-sitting duties when the family all goes on holiday. I don't mind as a) it's only across the road b) the rabbit is actually pretty cute, (and that's coming from someone who is a little bit afraid of rabbits. Yes really.) and c) I get wine for doing it. I like anything that involves me getting wine.

3. Dogs

No explanation for this one really. Just....dogs. My sister has been ensuring that I occasionally get a decent meal in me - I still haven't quite got to grips with cooking for one, not in that I can't do it, I just cannot be arsed to do it. Anyway good meal also equals Rowan and Rosie, always the antidote to any sad feelings

4. Crochet

Obviously. When in doubt, turn to your hook. Above is the output over September/October. I'm particularly proud of the tractor (pleeeeeease tell me you knew it was a tractor) as that is officially the first thing that I've made where I've worked out the pattern myself. I looked around for various patterns but they were all either not what I was after or were too small so I took the picture of one and just set to work. You can't really get the sense of scale here but he was about 30cm tall so fairly big.

The penguin has winged his way to Hull to live, maybe he'll get to see the Gentoo Penguins at The Deep, who knows.

Anyway, you get the picture. I'm also currently working on a wreath inspired by the Attic24 wreaths that Lucy has created. Mine will be a little less CROCHET IN YOUR FACE as the ones that Lucy has produced and it is very very very exciting.

5. Spending

Now that my flat is just that, mine, I've been keen to make it a proper little home for me. That includes acccessorizing it up the wazoo with interiors. After blogging back in May about my desire to have a flat that looks a little less like a student flat and a little more like a grown-up flat I have been trying to put my grey and yellow theme into action and I finally feel a little bit as if it's coming together.

I couldn't resist this cushion from John Lewis Home and although he's more than I would ever normally pay for a cushion I had a £25 gift voucher and a hangover which gave me good enough reason to get my wallet out.

6. Pumpkin

I just wanted an excuse to show you a picture of the pumpkin I carved. This isn't really something that's been helping me over my break up, but it did keep me occupied for about 40 minutes and I was very pleased with it as I didn't go for a fancy stencil *cough cheat cough* and I only had use of a kitchen knife to hack away at him.

But the biggest news of all is.....


7. Car!!!!*

That's right. I finally finally finally own a car at the ripe old age of 31. A Ka to be more specific. This is so major I cannot even put into words how brilliant it is. But I hope to try because, although it might sound daft to you, it is a really significant life event for me.


So. That's me. What have I missed?

*Unfortunately car does not really have a moustache


  1. Oooh, lots going on!!! The gerbils are SO cute, I really want some but my husband says no! Congrats on the car- you're a step ahead of me- I have never even had a driving lesson (except for a 5minute one at a school fair onthe field!) x

  2. Yay lots of things! Yes keeping busy pushes things away, I would say embrace the sad when you feel it. I'd been keeping v.busy since my news/op and the other day I kinda just had to cry. So I did. But it was such a 'rewarding' cry, I felt much better for it. I love the car :) Have you named it? Our KA is called Bobby :) x

    1. She doesn't have a name yet but I'm thinking inspiration will strike this week. I've already determined she is a she at least!

  3. You should make a cardboard moustache for the car because it's a handsome devil with one and I don't think it suits being bare faced. Rowan and Rosie are so cute and free food is the best kind of food x

  4. "I had a voucher and a hangover" - hahaha! Love the cushion and of course the mustachioed car, so pleased for you, my car is my absolute freedom and I don't live in the sticks like you do! SO impressed with your making-up-your-own-crochet-pattern too, I still have to look up how to do every type of stitch when FOLLOWING a pattern! :\

    1. I can't be the only person that buys all kinds of crap when they're hungover surely?! I'm absolutely terrible for it, I have to stay well away from shops!

  5. You have some awesome crocheting skills, that tractor and the pengy are both so cute! And yey for getting a car, at 28 I still need to learn to drive!

  6. Action packed October much?! Hope your weekend turned out ok- I'm with you that sometimes keeping busy is displacement. Loving the grey/yellow thing, and I don't like yellow, but it looks really lovely together and yay for crochet. I just taught myself how to stitch ribbed double crochet- latest obsession!

  7. Hey, I visited too, and sucked at crochet :) X

  8. Yaaaaaayyyyyy! CAR! :D Congrats. I mean, I can't believe you actually went for, not having a 'tache but ya know, it's got wheels I guessss.


    p.s. rabbits freak me out a little bit as well.


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