Friday, 17 October 2014

A little bit of internet love: Part IV

I am slowly starting to return to 'normal'. or rather creating a new normal for me. It involves all sorts of strange things, mostly working too late too often, taking a lot of baths and bringing the gerbilarium into the bedroom with me so the guys can keep me company.

One thing I have been woefully behind on is catching up with blogs and finding out what's going on in my internet world. People don't realise how intensive it is, this blog reading malarkey, you've got to invest some time if you're going to keep up with everything.

After having a good read the other day and starting to make a dent in my to be read list I figured it was probably time for a little round up of the posts I have enjoyed lately.

Rachael wrote a very interesting post covering some misconceptions about expat life. I guess it's easy to forget that when people move abroad, they're not just going for an extended holiday, they're going to live life and all that that means in a different place.

Miss Pond went on a Birmingham AdventureBirmingham isn't a million miles away from me and I'm heading there in November with some friends, I've already requested we go to the place that sells gin in a watering can. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a gimmick.

So the calendar flipped to October and the weather flicked a switch and became Autumn over night. Prattle & Froth's 15 Reasons to Love Autumn made me feel happy inside.

Vivtramp's How to be a good friend to someone with an illness is definitely one to keep bookmarked just in case. It's always a minefield when something life-changing happens to someone and far too often people get so freaked out about doing the wrong thing that they don't do anything.

I caught 19 times Carrie Bradshaw was an impossibly awful human doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter a while ago and it absolutely made me howl. I feel as if I've been the only person talking about this sometimes. She was awful!

It couldn't be internet love without a cat video. You. Are. Welcome.


  1. Bloody Carrie. I am tempted to begin the series again but I'm not sure I can cope with her. She's so annoying!

  2. Carrie is tres annoying!

    Glad you're going for gimmicky gin, you will *not* regret. Although do make sure to reserve some bar space if poss- it was very busy! x

  3. Carrie IS awful, worst human being and friend, EVER! Love Bee's post too, I was nodding all the way through!

    Maria xxx

  4. Aw thank you for the mention, is it wrong/bad to admit i've never seen an episode of Sex in the City?!

  5. I've nominated you for a blog award:! If you want to enjoy, if not that's totally cool just know I dig your blog, your words... and you :)

  6. oh the video, the video, the video. *wipes tears of silent manic laughter from my cheeks*


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