Thursday, 9 October 2014

Unstoppable hooking

I really am terrible for going back on my word.

After being absolutely adamant that I wasn't going to make any more amigurumi stuff for people I ended up with an ask to make not one, but 4 things.

It's mainly because I'm not good at saying "No" and I wasn't so much asked if I could make them, but rather told "I have some orders for you"

Something for me to work on.

Anyway I got down to business and rather than resenting the work that I had on I went on it like a crazy woman and before I knew it, in a relatively short space of time, I had one zebra, one dinosaur, one pony and one cow.

But things didn't stop there.

I just started crocheting for not particular reason at all.

I had no home for these things. I had no need to do them. I just wanted to do them and I simply couldn't stop.

Before I knew it I had a little girl...

And for some reason when everyone picks her up the first thing they do is look under her dress. And no she doesn't have knickers on. That makes you the perv for checking, not her for not having them.

I made a dinosaur for absolutely no reason...

And if you call it Barney I will punch you in the face. She is very definitely a hot pink colour and not purple. And also Barney was a T-Rex and this is clearly a Triceratops. Know. Your. Dinosaurs.

And then my thoughts turned to Christmas. I worried that I would get requests to make things for Christmas and would get myself in a little stress so decided that I would head people off at the pass and very firmly say "No."

Given my track record for saying "No"  I decided that I might try and head people off at the pass and say "Hey, look, I have these things for sale for Christmas, would you like to buy one?" and with that in mind dug through my file for a suitable pattern, deciding that these Father Christmases would be perfect.

I figured I'll make as many as I make and when there are no more, there are no more.

I also got overly excited about the latest issue of Simply Crochet which has a Christmas decoration pattern book in it and immediately started hooking with wild abandon.

The below snowflake took about 30 minutes to stitch up and with a little steam blocking and a spray of starch looks fantastic. It is big for a Christmas decoration (I made it with DK yarn and a 4mm hook) so I'm thinking I might make a few and make a garland of some description, or dig out some lighter weight yarn and experiment with some different hook sizes.

I don't like the snowflake on the left. Sorry mate, you suck and now are in the bin. Goodbye.

But the little candy sweets I can't get enough of. Lucy pointed out that they reminded her of Campinos - I can't believe I hadn't thought of that before! They are deliciously quick to make up and I now have quite a few hanging about - I'm currently experimenting with turning them into a garland as well.

And the pipe cleaners are on order to make the candy canes also featured in Simply Crochet...

I feel as if I might have a busy few months ahead of me...


  1. Argh so much cute! I especially love the little girl and the santas, I need to get better fast! :)

  2. Love, love, love those Father Christmases!

  3. OMG I want the dinosaurs! You're very talented :)

  4. omg omg omg. Dying a little bit over how cute the triceratops is!!
    Reckon it would work if I ordered you to TEACH ME TO CROCHET?

  5. Wow!!! These are so beautifully made!!! You're doing some Amazing stuff and so productive! This must be a good thing considering current and recent events. The Triceratops is super and could not possibly be mistaken for Barney who I believe has teeth doesn't he? X

  6. Not Barney is so cute! Lovely to see you've regained the thirst for crochet. The Campinos would look lovely just as simple tree decs too. You're so clever.

  7. You are SO good at crochet, I am amazed!

    Maria xxx

  8. Keeping busy is good - and there is nothing better than crochet IMHO. Xxx


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