Monday, 13 October 2014

Photo an Hour l 11th October 2014

It feels as if this month's Photo an Hour post has come around incredibly quickly, but I think that's just a result of the past month being kind of mental for me and that I've only just got around to posting September's Photo an Hour post.

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This was Saturday 11th October 2014...

9am - Woke up with raging hangover from a fairly decent session on the Friday night. Lily didn't mind my probably outrageous breath and sat beside me hoping for toast.

10am - Went to my brother & sister-in-law's house for the morning and played with some brilliant sticky mosaic tiles that were supposedly something my 4 year old niece was supposed to be doing. It was so massively therapeutic I can't even tell you.

11am - One finished creation!

12pm - This is Lucinda, my brother's cat. She has the loudest miaow and purr ever. She comes storming in, yelling her head off and isn't fussed at all about who gives her attention. She's so loving and I want to just pick her up and smoosh her forever.

1pm - My niece was going out in the afternoon for a party so put her party frock on. I need shoes like this. I also need to start wearing hot pink tights with silver sparkly shoes. It's a winner.

2pm - All of us played a very confusing game of Kerplunk! in which the kids seemed to think that when the marbles dropped that meant you won. It actually worked quite well because it meant that I was happy that I didn't have to do badly on purpose to let them win (my most hated part of playing with kids because I'm such a sore loser) and they had a brilliant time every time they did it wrong.

3pm - Back in Hull and a quick trip into town with Mumsie

4pm - The Grand Return of the Missing Bag. The previous day I had gone to Waterstones and bought some lovely things. Mum was looking after the bag and left it on the bus. She was absolutely devastated so I had to play things down but there was a fairly large part of me that wanted to throw myself on the ground and scream. On the way back from town on Saturday we stopped in at lost property to check and it had been handed in. Hurrah!

Kind of. Turned out my "Good Samaritan" had taken some stuff out of the bag and left the books in there. Ah well. Can't get too mad about it...

5pm - Got back home for a cup of tea and a muffin. It was needed. With a hangover like mine on this day it's a wonder I even got this far through the day without collapsing.

6pm - Lily gets down to the important business of foot washing and nail biting.

7pm - Starting to sit down for dinner. Salad + garlic bread + steak + onion rings - the way to make me a very happy person.

8pm - Mum and I were still sat round the table talking when I glanced over and spotted this super creepy Lily sitting and waiting to see if we were finished so she could try and attack our plates.

9pm - Sat down with super cool lounge pants and thick socks and cider and promptly fell asleep in front of Midsomer Murders. Form an orderly queue gentleman...


I feel terrible that Fred didn't even get a look in on these photos so here's a bonus Fred picture...


  1. Well, I'm sort of glad that the book bag had been returned, but how annoying that some of the stuff was missing :(

  2. Love your PJs and especially love Fred. It's a shame about the washi tape thief but at least you have your books :) x

  3. And those terrifying cat pictures are why I get on better with dogs ;) wow can't believe someone handed in your bag AFTER pinching stuff out it! My conscience wouldn't let me do that I hope

  4. The pinching of certain items is bizarre! What a shame but at least you got some stuff back.

    I love your cats, even the super creepy Lily!

  5. I prefer to think that the person who handed it in came across the bag *after* someone else had already taken stuff from it...

    The hot pink tights and silver sparkly shoes are a definite winner.

  6. Stopping by from photo an hour.

    I can't beleieve someone handed in your bag after stealing stuff from it! So mean :-(

    Haha, Krplunk... I haven't played that in years!

    ~ Bevchen

  7. Cats, food, books, sparkly shoes. Perfect day :)

  8. Oh my you have a ginger kitty! (ginger kitties are my weakness after my first being ginger and rescued from a shelter in Hull when I was about 2 - but that's another story). Also Lily eats toast?! That's as funny as one of our cats (Ed) eating fries. Shame that part of your purchases where missing - that's a bummer.

  9. Yesssssss! I scrolled the whole way down thinking "Lily is awesome", "woah, a new cat?!" "Lily is stalky but still awesome" "Where's Fred though?"

    There he is!!

  10. I badly want to make a mosaic now and I haven't played Kerplunk for years it use to be an intense game when we played it in my house !


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