Friday, 13 July 2012

Kitchen Wars

"I'm just going to do the washing up" The Person says.

You may think, "How wonderful, how lucky she is to have a boyfriend who does the chores without being nagged."

But wait.

Because when he's finished in the kitchen, this is what I walk into...

Who knows how or why this phenomenon occurs;

- Maybe he's unable to stand for long periods of time
- Perhaps he gets cramp in his sponge-hand and is unable to continue due to seizures
- Maybe doing all of the washing up will result in the opening of a wormhole which we will all fall into

I am yet to uncover the reason but I will let you know when I do.

*The blue ring of death indicates one of my pet hates. People who leave the sponge in the sink and don't squeeze out the excess water and leave it on the side to dry. I loathe picking up a fetid gross wet sponge that's been in the sink all day. Just saying.


  1. I agree with everything you said.

    I'd like to add...offering to do the laundry, but washing it, over drying it and screwing it up in the basket rather than folding it.


  2. so with you on that one. Hey, come and live with me!

  3. I have just hurt myself laughing...''Cramp in his sponge-hand''!!!! hhahahahaa...seriously, I can not tell you how much that made me laugh. Oh dear! Yes, I think it is a man thing. I live in a house where, if the (clothes)washing is dirty EVERYONE thinks it is ok to dump it on the floor in front of the washing machine, even when the machine is empty. I also live in a house where the dishes crowd every single surface waiting for would seem the dishwasher mysteriously can only be filled by me after I have done every other bloody thing. Often the sponge is left lying on the FLOOR or the dog takes it to bed (then it goes in the bin) I am so sad I actually machine wash my dishcloths, sponges and scrubbing brush at 90 once a week - dorky or what! Anyway, you didn't need to know any of that. Great post though! :)

  4. We have one of those spongey cloth things, and every time Mr G uses it, he folds it neatly and leaves it on the draining board - not wrung out, in a pool of dirty dish water. Blech. What is it with men and washing up?

  5. Maybe he has run out of clean tea towels to dry the clean dishes with to make space in the drying rack for more yet-to-be cleaned which case it would clearly be your fault :-)
    No excuse for the sponge though!

  6. Hahaha. Boys are strange sometimes. And so agree with you on the sponge. It is so gross. I normally approach it like a form of nuclear waste with some gagging.

  7. My Mr Grumpy does the same thing, claims he didn't know the other dishes were dirty. They are all together, how can you not tell?

  8. Ha ha! I think I should bookmark this page for those days when living alone feels a bit rubbish! I really, really do not miss some of the things that go with living in a houseful of men! Although I am beginning to think my 'clean and tidy' habit may have just a touch of OCD... :O

  9. My hub is the same. At least yours empties the water. Mine leaves the bowl of water with the sponge in. I HATE this.

  10. Leaving a non-wrung out sponge in the sink is on a par with leaving tea bags on the draining board instead of just putting them in the bin. What's WRONG with people?!


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