Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Changes afoot

So for those of you who are not on Twitter and might have missed my news...

I have a job!

It all happened kind of suddenly and was a little bit out of the blue and I haven't really had time to process it all myself because it is going to mean some big changes for me but I will try and tell you as much as I can as well as anticipating some of the questions people might have about me.

I am basically going to be starting a new job as a PA to the Group Directors of the company my sister works for. This position doesn't currently exist in the company and when my sister happened to be talking to the big honcho about my current employment situation he asked if she thought I would be interested in the position.

So on Friday I went down to see my sister where she lives in the Midlands and go and have a bit of a chat with said big honcho. It was a strange situation because it was a job interview and yet not a job interview at the time - I went in and talked about what I've done and what I thought I could offer and he talked about the role a bit, and 10 minutes later  I was back at my sister's desk and being told I had a job.


It's a strange feeling because I haven't had all that build up of applying for the job and waiting to hear about an interview and attending an interview and then wondering if you'll get the job. It just doesn't feel quite right at the moment and even though I've signed the contract, it still feels a little unreal.

And now I will attempt to answer questions...

Wait a minute. I thought you wanted to do research, how have you ended up as a PA?

I do/did want to do research. However my experience over the last 6 months, couple with talking to a couple of people has made me realise that it's just really unlikely/never going to happen. I'm stuck in a catch-22 where universities won't hire me because of my lack of academic experience, yet are unwilling to give me a job that will allow me to get that experience. Plus, universities are notorious for hiring from within which means I wasn't standing a chance from the get go.

And although I won't be doing research, I will be using all of my very best anal organised skills to do my job.

When do you start and where will you live?

My first day will be 2nd January 2013 and I will be moving in with my sister's family on New Year's Day. For the first time in my blogging life I'm going to be coy about where exactly I'll be living because it's pretty tiny. It is in Leicestershire though - will that do you?

The thought of moving in with my sister's family is a mildly terrifying prospect. The last time I lived with my sister was when I was a very small person, she left to go to uni when I was 5 and I've never lived with her since. Plus she will also be one of my bosses, as she is one of the Directors of the company. And obviously I'm also moving in with my brother-in-law, 2 teenage nephews, 2 Irish Setters and a cat* which is equally daunting.

I'm actually not really thinking about that aspect of my new life.

Woah woah woah. What about The Person?!

Aah yes. As you may have guessed from my answer to the last question The Person will not be moving with me at the beginning of the year. He will be staying in Preston for the time being until he can find a job in the vicinity and we can get our little selves back living together. The good thing about being in the Midlands is that, you know, you're in the Midlands which should mean a few more options work-wise. We will just all have to keep our fingers crossed until he finds a new job.

I know that some people might find me making the decision to take this job and move away from The Person I bit strange, but we're still young and this an opportunity I couldn't turn down, I wouldn't be able to get this kind of job anywhere else without proving I had experience.

He's happy for me too. It's not been easy for him having to watch me be so miserable in a job I truly hate and I think that given the choice between having a girlfriend who is miserable who lives with him and a girlfriend who's much happier but has to live away from him for a little bit, he's happy to go with Option b.

Plus it isn't like we haven't done the long distance thing before - and when I move we'll be pretty much the same distance apart as when I was in Hull and he was in Preston.

Ewww don't you feel a bit grubby that you got this job through nepotism?

Yes I do a little bit. It's not something that makes me feel particularly comfortable and it's not how I necessarily wanted to get a job. But at the end of the day, it's an opportunity and I think I'd be a little bit tapped in the head if I turned it down - I've heard that there's no point cutting your nose off to spite your face.

Also this is not a company that I will be able to stay in purely because my sister is a Director. I'm on a 6 month probationary period and if I'm not up to scratch then I won't be allowed to stay on. If anything I'm more determined to prove myself - plus it helps that I don't look anything like my sister and we don't share the same name so not everyone will necessarily know the deal.

What about your current work - why don't you sue the bastards for constructive dismissal?!

Things have been pretty unpleasant for me at work since I tackled my bullies head on. They have taken it seriously and the main protagonist was moved to a different team but there is still bad feeling there. (On her part I hasten to add.) This has also spread to the team - goodness knows what she's told them - so for pretty much all of last week no-one has been speaking to me. Not good.

I have contemplated and even spoken to some people about whether it would be worth taking them to a tribunal and there's probably a chance I would do well out of it but I'm not going to. At the end of the day, that job was never supposed to be permanent so I can't a get a bee in my bonnet about leaving. I've fought the battle I wanted to fight and it's enough for me that someone will now be watching Her and won't allow Her to do the same to others in the future.

Handing in my notice today was one of the best feelings ever. I've given them my 4 weeks notice so I'll be leaving on Friday 14th December. Yes this means I'll be short of cash for the next couple of months because I won't be paid again until the end of January but there is nothing on this planet that could persuade me to stay for longer. In fact technically I could have left on Tuesday 11st December, but my need to have things neat means that the prospect of leaving a job mid-week hurts my brain a little. So a Friday it will be.

Are you excited?!

It's probably fairer to say I'm absolutely shitting it. This job is a huge challenge and I'm really terrified about it - for a while now I've not been challenged in the jobs I've been doing and especially for the last 6 months being unemployed and then in a brainless job I'm pretty sure I've lost any skills I might have once had.

But yeah, I'm excited.

Did I do it? Did I answer all of the questions?!

*I know! I'll be living with a cat! How exciting. But wait. No it isn't, because Blinky is officially the meanest cat in the history of mean cats and hates everyone and won't let you near her. For god's sake!


  1. I don't think you need to worry too much about nepotism, Nobody would think it was pdd if you went to work in a family business and they'll only keep you if you're up to it. And I have no doubt that you will be.

  2. Nah, not nepotism, think of it as having been head-hunted! Kind of... :-) They obviously thought they have a position that needed filling and they wouldn't have given it to you if they didn't think they were getting someone that could do the job. Sadly, my experience with my sons (1 graduate, 1 post A levels) is that the jobs come through people you know more often than not. Eldest spent a frustrating 18mths post uni in part time retail before getting the nod to apply for a job, youngest still working part time in retail and hating it - waiting for that lucky break. Best not to question it, just enjoy, congratulations!! Have a glass of something nice to celebrate :-) x

  3. You will be coming to Leicestershire you say?? How cool, I'm in Leicester itself. I'm so pleased you are going to get away from a situation that was making you miserable and there are so many more options in the East Midlands because all the cities are on top of each other, oh and there are several very good universities that would be interesting for future options. I trained to be a PA before I went to University and most of the other people on the course were graduates. They thought the course was much harder than a degree, so believe me when I say, you have to be bloody clever to do the work. I've also done the job on short term basis (during the holidays as maternity cover etc). It's a fabulously challenging job that will stretch your mind. You will end up having to use your research skills as you problem solve your socks off!

    Congrats on this new move, I think you will like it down here, I have been here since I came to uni in 1992 (oh dear I am so old!) and never went back up North. It really is a lovely and interesting place to live.

    Oh and if you want any pointers about Leicester, drop me a line!

  4. I'm so pleased for you... and if anyone can get the cat to see the error of it's ways it you! CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. Congratulations! Glad you found something which although isn't "the dream" is definitely a darn site better then where you were. I wouldn't be 'embarrassed' about how you got the job. If you weren't up to scratch I am sure your new boss would have just not hired you.
    I am quite enjoying my PA role - room to make a bit more of an impact when you work for the "big cheese". Best of luck.

  6. Yay! Glad things are working out for you even if the cat sounds a bit scary.

  7. So glad you got an opportunity, wherever it may have come from. Good luck with it all. I have friends in Leicestershire - seems like a nice place. Very pretty.


    Also, you can come and visit Bristol a bit easier. DO IT DO IT NOW.

  9. Wow! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Thank god you are getting out of that godforsaken place and who cares about nepotism - everybody does it! Woooo! And as for the person - yeah you'll be fine...you'll work it out! I am really thrilled that things have worked in your favour...you deserve this! Now go and get em! xxx (Big pat on the back!!)

  10. Well done!! SO exciting for you x

  11. ARGH, how did I miss this?! AMAZING!! So, so pleased for you and SO glad you're getting out of the current place. And what a nice last word to the bully too - "see ya!"

    You will be great at the job so don't worry about the nepotism factor - needs must. And I'm sure Blinky will come around with some, ahem, determined persuasion! :) xx

  12. Job, excellent! Midlands, excellent! New cat (really - nobody else has mentioned the cat yet!!), excellent!

    Very very pleased for you!!!


    I know it's perhaps not ideal, but it sounds like a step in the right direction.

    EEEE I'm just so pleased for you!

  14. Oh, and also, don't you dare feel bad about how you got your job. You were recommended because you have skills to offer, and it so happens that you heard about it through someone you know, that doesn't mean you deserve the job any more or less. You earned it.

  15. Awesome news - congratulations!

  16. Wow great news and I hope you let your bullies know that you are moving on to something SO MUCH BETTER - lay it on thick to make them feel awful they're stuck there lol.
    It doesn't matter how you got the job, you'll more than prove yourself with your skills.
    Oh and don't buy them any cakes on your last day, just walk around all day with a really smug look on your face - it'll kill them.

  17. I've just spent the best part of my weekend lost in your blog. I've become somewhat addicted. Really glad for your good news, you so deserve it after all you have been through first with the unemployment and then with the bullying. You seem very strong and have maintain a charm throughout. Not easy to do! Good luck with everything you do. Ps. I am a sucker for that comic book table, I've always wanted to try it, think I might x

  18. My spelling, shocking. I am sorry :)

  19. I'm a little bit behind on this news, but, excellent! Good for you. Enjoy it and make the most of the opportunity. Be happy! :O)


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