Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas excess

Overheard conversation in the kitchen at work.

"What are you getting your son for Christmas?"

"An X-box"

"Oh does he not have one?"

"No. He's got a Wii and a DS and he got a laptop last year. He wanted an iPad but I thought no, I mean he got £500 worth of Dell laptop, he doesn't need an iPad."

"Yeah. So where will the X-box go then, have you got a room for it to go in?"

"Oh no it'll go in his bedroom. I mean he is 9 now...."

*And then my head exploded*


  1. Arghhhhh I'm so worried about being that mum. I'm also worried about being mean. We've got Eva a little fairy house and some books for Xmas and she's asked Santa for a bike (what? 18 month olds can totally write to Father Christmas) & I'm sure that's all she's getting from us.

  2. 'I blame the parents' has never been truer than now. It is natural for kids to want things, but it is the responsibility of parents to instil sensible values in them. Sadly it seems many parents are far from sensible themselves.

  3. Perhaps they would be better off spending the money on classes about how to be a responsible parent. Topchelseagirl says it all.

  4. This couldn't be more topical for me right now, my eight year old step son has asked us for a Nintendo DS 3D while he's tapping his mother up for an XBox at the same time. "For the front room..."

    It is so true that kids will always ask for things, Lord knows I did and you even can't blame him for playing us off against each other but we just cannot give him everything. Imagine next year's list!

    Argh. Kids today don't know they're born! x

  5. Oh for heaven's sake. He needs a lump of coal, not any more bloody fancy presents!


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