Monday, 22 April 2013

Crazy Cat Lady Part 25: Fred & Lily update

Who cares that I've been back from Hull for 2 weeks and haven't even blogged about the cats?

Not I.

I could always just deprive you of a Fred and Lily post but that would be a cruel punishment as I think we all know that of all the internet cats out of there, these guys are your favourites.

Gazing adoringly at The Person

Fred was especially happy to have me home when I came back for my birthday. Not because he loves me and misses me, but because I came with his favourite person of all time, my Person. Fred doesn't get a lot of male company and this has meant that The Person has become his all-time best bro. The second he's in the room, Fred makes a beeline, ignoring me, ignoring Mum, and taking up pride of place on The Person's knee - purring so loudly his head could fall off.

Telly addict

We also put on the DVD that Mum's Crazy Cat Lady friend got for the cats for Christmas. Other than The Person, this DVD is also Fred's favourite and best. Within a few seconds of putting it on he'll be up at the TV, despite my exhortations that if he sat on the floor he'd be able to see more of the screen. There he will stay until it eventually gets turned off for fear that he's going to throw himself through the screen as he chases the toy that's waving about.

He was a fan of my new Cambridge Satchel Company bag - he's a classy fella like that - and tried to persuade me that he should have it because it suits his colouring but I politely declined.

I took a photo which comes very close to portraying just how much Fred loves The Person this weekend. After a Saturday night out celebrating my birthday and drinking more than our fair share of units of alcohol, The Person wasn't feeling too chipper in the morning. Fred came upstairs after he'd eaten his breakfast and jumped on the bed to commence his usual morning routine of shoving his wet nose as far inside your nose as is humanly possible, whilst needling you to death.

However, he immediately sensed that his Best Bud wasn't in good shape and instead just lay very still and very quietly on his arm, keeping an eye on him.

Unfortunately the picture has The Person's face in it and he's keen to keep his secret identity so I've had to do a bit of touch-up on the below picture...


And yes I mean the pair of them. A girl can't get a look in with either of them.

"But what about Lily?" I hear you say

Well Lily spent a weekend doing what she does best, which is acting mental and lying asleep like a beached whale (see below picture).

She may seem all innocence and light but she is a fiend. Whilst sitting at the dinner table on Friday evening, enjoying a takeaway from our local Chinese, Lily stole a prawn cracker out of my hand - swooping in from over my shoulder as I apparently took too long to get the cracker up to my mouth.

And we wonder why she's such a fatty.

She's not a hugely cuddly person is our Lily and the only person that she really likes to sit with is Mum, but on Sunday morning, out of the blue, I came into favour and she joined me in a little reclining action. Unfortunately taking photos of her in black and white does not appear to make her ears look any smaller.

Bat cat

It was, as always, a shame to have to leave them. Especially in the knowledge that the only cat I was coming home to is one who barely tolerates my existence. But I had a new friend to come home to in the shape of a birthday present from Char who got me my very own cat who will not pluck at my clothes, leave hairs all over everything I own and shows about as much emotion as Blinky does.

What you can't see from this picture is that his head and tail move and nod slowly up and down, much to Rowan and Rosie's consternation. Unfortunately he's nameless at the moment - it's not like me to not be able to name inanimate objects but for some reason a name just isn't coming to me at the moment - any suggestions would be welcomed.

Although knowing my luck he'll probably end up liking The Person more than me anyway...

*mutters bitterly*


  1. Excellent post, I feel fully updated :)

  2. I'd put forward Lowri as a name suggestion. Love that pic of Fred and the Person! Animals are so funny, such curious characters x

  3. Haham that picture of Fred and The Person made me giggle, I bet that was his actual facial expression as well!
    Yay for the cat update.

  4. Love that picture of Fred and the person, haha!

    Maria xxx

  5. Is Noddy too obvious? You could change Lily's name to Big Ears!

  6. This post really tickled me, I'm crying tears of laughter. Your cats sounds as mental as mine. Having just come from Lucy's football scarf post I'm now in a proper good mood. Not bad for 7:44am :-)


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