Thursday, 11 April 2013


I did a birthday.

And turning 30 really wasn't that bad you know. In fact, you could almost say it was just like any other birthday. In fact, it was just like any other day, except for the fact that you get presents and you get to do everything that you want to do all day long.

The celebrations started a little early, a couple of days before when Best Friend came over from Hull and we went to Ribby Hall Spa for the day. See, that's what's good about turning 30, when you're younger you don't have the money to spend on getting poked and prodded and quite pummelled violently at times by a much younger girl.

I could totally be a lady who lunches by the way. I would quite happily, if I had the money to spend, just hang around in spas all day. The pair of us were so relaxed by the end that we were unable to hold a coherent conversation with one another, but we managed to pull it together to go out for tapas at my favourite place in Preston, Pond, where we ordered far too much food and had to bring most of it home in a doggy bag.

The day itself was just me and The Person and once all the presents had been opened he ran out of the room  saying he was going to get my final present. 

He came in proudly holding before him his very first cake;

The cake is a blog post in itself and I think I will save it for another day, but I don't think he's ever been prouder of himself.

We spent the day in Manchester where we ate lunch in Wagamamas and mooched around the shops, hoping to find something to wear for Saturday night, but discovering that fashion is not for the Thirty - it is for pre-pubescent girls with a penchant for neon. Only I could go to a major city in the North and walk away with a top for £13 form H&M which I bought in sheer desperation because I refused to go away empty handed.

The highlight of the trip however was a visit to Cloud 23 which was all that I'd requested we do for the day. For those not in the know, this is the bar in the Hilton Hotel which resides in Beetham Tower on the 23rd floor, offering some rather splendid views of the city and far far beyond.

I've been before at night to have some cocktails and admired the city all lit up and orange but really wanted to see what it was like before the sun went down and we weren't disappointed as the day was lovely and clear.

The photos don't do it justice - I have somehow taken photos which just look as if I've taken them out of the 5th floor office window and I can't convey just how far you can see when you're up there. You can the planes taking off from Manchester Airport for freaks sake. You can see Jodrell Bank!

You will just have to take my word for it. It was high up. The views were awesome. The End.

We shovelled a cream tea in our faces and then made our merry little way back home where we had planned to eat but discovered that lunch at Wagamamas and a cream tea at Cloud 23 goes a long way.

It doesn't sound like much I know but it was a happy day for me, with my favourite Person, in my favourite city, doing my favourite thing - eating.

A birthday in food: Tapas at Pond; the birthday cake; demolished cream tea; Wagamamas

And then it was back to the Motherland for the weekend where we did more eating. We had Chinese with Mumsie and galettes with my Dad (plus more cake) and finally much drinking with my special friends on the Saturday night where I surprisingly managed to get off pretty lightly hangover-wise considering the amount of money I spent and the number of shots that kept appearing in my hands.

I wrote a post previously about how I was feeling about Turning 30 (in case you were wondering, it wasn't a good  feeling) and I'd be lying if I said I'm now totally over it and feeling fine and breezy. But you know what? I know people who are 30 and have the kids and the house and the job etc etc and quite a few of them are basically complete dicks. 

I may not have a house. I may not have children. I may not even have a fancy career. But I'm definitely not a dick. So 30 can suck it, I'm off to get me some more food.


  1. A very happy birthday to you! It looks like lovely fun! I love Wagamamas, so good choice there!!!x

  2. Happy Birthday! It sounds like the perfect celebrations for a lovely lady! x

  3. Happy Birthday! Love your blog!

  4. I'm turning 30 in January and I had all the same feelings as you about it, but this post has made me rather excited instead! Looks like you had a fab day and that cake looks yummy!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  5. So glad you had a lovely time! Sounds ace! 30 rocks okay? :) xxx

  6. 'I may not have a house. I may not have children. I may not even have a fancy career. But I'm definitely not a dick.' AMEN!

    Aaaw how cute is that cake!? In love that cloud bar, I always stay in the YHA hostel just off Deansgate or The Ox Hotel which is right by that Hilton and I've been in for cocktails, possibly my fave place in Manchester after the John Rylands library. Glad to see you embraced 30 and that you had a nice day xx

  7. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. It sounds like you had much fun. I love my birthday because my partner has the same birthday. It is almost like a mini Christmas, except we don't have to travel up and down the country on icy roads delivering presents. Though we don't really get to do what we want to do all day because we have to take into consideration what the other one wants to do.

  8. Happy birthday! and don't worry about the kids, mine took a lot longer than 30 before he made his appearance.

  9. ps. you have made me want to eat really enormous amounts of cake now.

  10. 30 is the new 20!! Honestly! I love being 30! Oh hang on I'm actually 32 now! When did that happen?! Struggle a bit with the fashion thing but I will NEVER stop shopping in Topshop, even if I limit it to aaccesories hehe. Glad you had a FAB birthday. I went to Manchester for mine the other day. We went on that crazy ride near Primark! x

  11. I spy with my little eye a present from me in your first photo!
    Hurrah for having a good birthday :-D You're ace xxx

  12. I'm glad you had a great day!

  13. Aww yay, sounds perfect - a day of eating! That made me laugh about not being able to hold a coherent conversation after your spa - I went to one for my birthday and it included dinner at the Michelin starred restaurant afterwards, and the four of us were just sitting there barely able to keep our eyes open - fun fun!

    Now, looking forward to hearing more about this cake....

  14. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely time :) I am going to a spa this weekend and I cannot wait, snoozing ahoy!

    Maria xxx


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