Monday, 10 June 2013


Many moons ago (or 3 if you prefer people not to exaggerate) my Stitchette friends and I held an exhibition called Embroidering the Truth. We basically embroidered/cross stitched those random things you overhear when you walk past someone on the street or sit behind someone on the bus. You know, the things that make you go, "What on earth are they talking about?"

It was great fun and it would be lovely to be part of something like that again, but what it has left behind with me is an uncanny ability to overhear things wherever I am. Most of the time I just smile to myself or maybe send a text but sometimes the things you overhear are too good not to share.

Like a conversation I overheard when I was at the castle the other week.

As you may well know I'm from Hull and a bit of a fish out of water because the middle class in Hull is pretty small. Where I live now is very firmly middle class and there are all manner of hilarious things I hear on a day to day basis. Nothing has been funnier than this conversation between three boys, aged about 8-10, who were playing among the grounds of the castle:

Child 1: I'll be French!

Child 2: Good idea. John? You and I will be English. Max, you can be Napoleon.



Yeah...10 days into June and I've only managed 3 posts. After I did BEDM and everything. Unfortunately for me, the end of BEDM coincided with basically the worst week or two of my work life leaving me with neither the time nor the energy to do anything, especially blog. 

I did manage to eat a lot though.

Anyway. Don't expect it to get better any time soon - I'm off for 2 days with work now and it's terribly annoying because I have ALL the exciting things to tell you. 

I know. What a tease.


  1. I think you need to stitch the poo/teeth one.

  2. I love the one I overheard in York once ... Two middle-aged men were walking past.
    "Turns out, the patch on his trousers was part of a magic carpet!"

  3. Embroidering the Truth sounds wonderful, are there any blog posts or photos from the event? would love a little snoop.

    I hear some hilarious things at work with all the very posh ladies and chaps that come in. One group were talking about how a girl wore the wrong jacket and shoes to the polo and they wont be inviting her again...

    1. Aah no unfortunately I don't think there are really. It was at a point when I wasn't blogging as much. Bad blogger.

  4. love people watching/listening - have enjoyed many moments of eavesdropping on the train. Though I think the one that nearly made me choke on my beer was at Latitude festival in Suffolk a few years ago, in case you ever needed confirmation that it is a (lovely!) middle class festival... Family picnicking... "No, Sebastian! That's Daddy's hummus!!"

    1. YES! ANYTHING involving hummus is automatically a hilarious quote.

      Or maybe it's just that anything middle class is hilarious. Hard to tell!

  5. I'm so bad for eaves dropping! Sometimes my mum and I will go out for lunch and realise neither of us are talking because we're both listening to the people at the next table! The best thing I overheard on the train recently was "....and on the phone she can totally tell if they're fat or thin by the sound of their voice." What?!

  6. Hmm, I can only imagine how that game would have gone in my neck of the woods, but it wouldn't have been like that! It would probably involved actual weapons.


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