Sunday, 2 June 2013

The "Best" of BEDM

I've felt all weekend as though I've been missing something and forgetting to do something. I only realised late on today that it's blogging. I'd got so used to needing to have a post scheduled every day and now I didn't need to blog.

It was quite nice actually - for a start I've actually been reading some blogs instead of just focusing on writing my own - and I've spent the weekend reading like a demon to get The Woman in White finished. It's a great book but it is a long book and I was starting to feel fatigued by the end of it.

I don't want to fall back into not posting now that I've done BEDM, I need to follow my own advice and just get the frick on with it and so I'm getting an easy post in.

The trouble with posting every day meant that I wasn't concentrating all the time on what I was posting and I've actually gone back (because I'm massively narcissistic like that) to see what it was I wrote about every day for a month.

And I thought I'd pull a few posts out that I liked - either because I was proud of them or because they made me laugh - and I'd like to stick them in this post for posterity in case they get lost in the big bad month of May.

9th May - Swimming - I recently discovered swimming as a way of getting some exercise in and I forgot how much I loved it.

11th May - Why you should read books - contains a hilarious mis-spell. It will make you smile at the very least if you read it.

15th May - What I need to learn - and I've failed at this at least 20 times this past week and weekend.

24th May - A Day in the life - if you ever wanted to know the kind of things a PA does in their day-to-day work this is a list of some of the things I faced that week (please note it's not a complete day, it's a list of some of the things I am asked to do, I'm not super-woman).

28th May - Beside the Seaside - This was such a lovely day and it may not mean much or interest anybody else much but I'm glad I have this blog to record days like this.

29th May - Morning Ritual - mornings suck.


Six is a weird number to have picked isn't it? Sorry.

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  1. I loved the why you should read books post! Everyone should read it.


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