Friday, 31 May 2013

End Game - BEDM Day 31

Ok. Hands up. Who didn't think I would make it all the way through?

 * raises own hand*

Can we all just take a moment to savour the fact that this is my 31st post in a month?!

I blogged every day in May!!

I'll tell you what though, it wasn't as tough as I thought It would be. It's just a vase of being organised isn't it, and I'd be pretty much the worst PA ever if I wasn't at least a little bit organised.

I think that's the main thing I've learned from BEDM - just sit the bloody hell down and get on with it and write the damn post. Too often I'm thinking 'Ooh I could write about this... oooh though wait, his will I say it? Yeah I'll just come back to that one." Or I'm fannying about not taking photos. Having to post every day meant that I had to just sort my shit out, sit down and get on with it.

 Yes it took some time but eventually the words came and I'm glad I've learned that lesson. I need to trust myself more that I can get the job done if I just give myself time. Set aside at least one night in the week and focus.

 I've found some great new blogs as a result of the BEDM hashtag on Twitter - that was a cool side effect. I need to find a hashtag that I can use on Twitter all the time that will help me find cool blogs. Easier said than done though, I don't feel I fit into the hashtags that are currently used on Twitter.

Which brings me onto the next thing I feel I've gained from BEDM.

It's a cheesy one I'm afraid.

I've gained confidence in my blog. I've said a billion times now at I cont know where my blog fits in in e grand scheme of things a d that I'm not sure where I belong or if I'm really doing the right thing. This experience has shown me that I'm doing a good job of blogging. For as many of the new blogs that I found and enjoyed reading as a result of BEDM there were 10 that saw me roll my eyes and want to scream "That's not blogging!"

 But who am I to judge that?

What I mean to say is I'm comfortable in my blogging skin, doing what I do.

And the main reason I know that is because of all you guys who have taken the time to comment and let me know what you like and that you enjoy reading. I'm giving you all an awkward stranger hug right now.

I should wrap this up before you a) vomit and/or b) think I'm a self-obsessed arse.

So things I have learned from BEDM in a nutshell?

a) Set time aside to just sit and write and stop procastinating
b) New blogs to read yay
c) I like my blogging and writing style
d) I like it when nice people leave me nice comments


A huge thank you needs to go to Rosalilium for organising BEDM and keeping everyone motivated and most importantly for providing a topic to talk about every day. I may have gone rogue quite a bit and done my own thing but I did do quite a few of them and I think I'd have been quite lost without the topics as a guide to go to.

I'd have had to have resorted to a lot more pictures of cats for a start, let me tell you.


  1. Well done on managing the challenge. I fell a bit behind on a couple of occasions, but I've blogged a lot more than I probably would have done without the hashtag and the topics being decided for me. I did struggle with a few, but most of them gave me the opportunity to write about something a little different, which is what I've probably needed to get out of my headspace lately.

  2. I have totally loved reading your BEDM. I love it !! Thank you.


  3. Well done - I've really enjoyed ALL your posts! You've got a great sense of humour! x

    BTW, if you ever decide to become a teacher then your PA organisational experience will come in handy. If I had a £ for each time someone had commented on how organised I was this year, then I could retire now and never teach a lesson again! x

  4. I'm tempted to go *really* rogue and BEDJ. But I'm so out of practice I'm not sure I could pull it off. Plus I'm away end of month so I've just figured out I would already fail. Maybe BEWJ? Or just, um, BEMonth? Anyway. I said this halfway through and I'll say it again now it is the end that I have enjoyed these posts. Has it tempted you to write more regularly? I sure hope so. I'm a nosey ole stranger soul.

  5. Yay, awkward stranger hug! I've loved having new things to read here every day this month, so I'm glad that you seem to have enjoyed posting them. You should definitely feel confident about this blog - your writing is fantastic, and I think that the diverse subject matter is a good thing. It might be hard to categorise, but your blog reflects all the different things you enjoy (and don't) in life, and evidently people find that interesting. Plus, the odd cat photo is always welcome ;)

  6. :O) I posted my BEDM 31 yesterday!!! that just goes to show the extent of my failure on this! You did a great job though and I'm glad it's made you relax with your blog - it's always been fun, engaging and worth reading, so it's good that you know that too!

  7. I've loved reading your BEDM posts, every single one has made me smile, so thank you. It's lovely to read that you've enjoyed it as well :) xx

  8. Well done on making it through May!! I really love reading your blog, it's "real", inspiring & it always makes me smile! Fantastic job!

  9. I have loved reading your BEDM posts, it's brilliant when my favourite blogs have new posts every day!

    Maria xxx


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