Sunday, 12 May 2013

Collecting - BEDM Day 12

I thought long and hard about this post and thought about ways in which I could interpret it.

I could tell you all about my first collection - my super awesome massive shelf of all things crocodile related. I'm telling you. There wasn't a figurine of a crocodile that wasn't in my sweaty mitts and part of that collection and I would take them down and dust them and re-arrange them like the strange little child I was.

I could tell you all about how nothing remains of that collection apart from two very tiny figures that I've never parted with because they were so beautiful and are enough to flood me with the memories of the original collection.

I could tell you all about how I also went through a phase of collecting those god-awful sticky-foot fuzzy bug things that companies used to give away as advertisements. I stuck them all down one side of my wardrobe and I'm not entirely sure when I grew out of them and prized them off.

I could tell you all about how I collected shed-loads of Edward Monkton cards at uni and stuck them up on my walls. I'm pretty sure I still have those somewhere actually.

I could tell you all about how I kind of now collect Royal Family memorabilia - the result of my tea party for the Royal Wedding in 2011 where I started collecting mugs for people to drink out of and found it difficult to stop.

The one mug I do have with me - a buy from Ashbourne made on the bloggers trip to Norbury Manor

I could tell you all about how I love them and that the tackier they are the harder I fall for them (Andrew and Fergie's is a favourite I have to tell you) but that they live in a box in a cupboard because my need for things to be organised and for things to have use means that I really have no idea where to put them.

Because that's what you need for a collection. A space to put it in. And that is the one thing that I don't have at the moment and when I think too hard about that my brain gets a little wappy and the emotions start leaking out my eyes and I make little whimpery noises about not having all my belongings around me and the hardships of trying to nest in a very small space.

And so I won't tell you about those collections.

Because I don't need to.

Because there's one collection that's right under my nose.

Here. This blog.

This blog which is the small, but ever-growing collection of the little events that have happened in my life. The funny anecdotes and the days out. The things that have been made and the trials that I've had making them. The time spent with family and friends and The Person. It's all right here, in one tiny internet space.

And I don't even have to spend any money or ruin the sides of my wardrobe with glue from those advertising bugs.



  1. I'd LOVE to see the Fergie and Andrew mug!
    Just think of the fun you'll have when you do get a place to display your Royal memorabilia, the planning, the arrangement, the standing back to admire your work. Oh yeah.
    And I have to say that this here collection, this blog of yours, is AWESOME!

  2. And what a fab collection your blog makes! : )

  3. For when you do wish to increase your tacky cup collection... There is an antiquey type place near the Gardners Arms in Coniston that has the biggest collection I've ever seen (after yours), that made me think of you when I discovered it.

  4. CEDM!
    (Comment every day month)

  5. That's awesome. I love all your crazy past collections. But you're absolutely right about the blog, it's the perfect place to collect!

  6. Oh man those fuzzy foot things! I'd forgotten about them - why don't companies still use them, honestly?! Also do you remember those paper baseball cap things that were flat with like a cut out swirl so that they'd be hat shaped when sort of poked out? The two are intertwined for me...

  7. Lucy, we have those for county guiding events - i'll make sure to send you one next time I'm doing a PR thing.
    I have fond memories of my old Brown Owl whenever I see those, she used to have a collection stuck all over her dashboard in her car and it was amazing, when we were 7.

  8. I am really enjoying your BEDM posts. Jus' sayin'.


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